June 16 2011
The Ocean, Dust and a Really, Really Really Clean Lab
Originally from Peru, Gonzalo Carrasco joined Ed Boyle's Trace Metals Lab, just over a year ago. His main interests are the study of trace metals of biogeochemical importance, focusing on their concen...
June 14 2011
Currently Following
With the planet as their classroom, this page provides links to recent blog activity by members of PAOC. Following the Ice: Is this Global Warming? - July, 2012From the mess tent, we can hear hug...
June 7 2011
Jule Charney - His Life and Work
Presentation by former student Joe Pedlosky during IAP 2011. If you missed Joe Pedlosky's  January 2011 IAP presentation about the life and times of his advisor Jule Charney here is a recording of the event......
June 7 2011
Ancient armor
Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office In summer 2007, two geologists armed with rock hammers and a shotgun hiked through the Yukon, looking for fossils. For two weeks, Phoebe Cohen, now a postdoc here in PAOC, and Francis Macdonald, an as...
June 7 2011
Wind, war and weathermen
Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office Well into the 20th century, American weather forecasting was not a rigorous science, but an “art,” as a National Research Council report stated in 1918. Forecasters knew, among other things, that weat...
June 6 2011
Meet PAOC's Class of 2011
'Tis the graduation season, and although doctoral students defend throughout the year, the Institute's annual Commencement exercices (held last week) bring many back to visit and formally receive thei...
June 3 2011
Commencement 2011
It's June. MIT's grounds, already looking spotless thanks to the Insitute's 5 month long MIT 150 celebration and an army of grounds people, are just about perfect. The sun is shining in a clear blue s...
May 27 2011
Understanding Climate - Boston Museum of Science
Outreach@PAOC October 12th, 2009 - Boston Museum of Science Senior lecturer, Lodovica Illari, teamed up with co-weather-in-a-tank members Amit Tandon (UMass, Dartmouth) and Amala Mahadaven (BU) to present a selec...
May 27 2011
From Trilobites to Extraterrestrials: Exploring Life on Earth and Beyond
October 17th, 2010 - Harvard Natural History MuseumPhoebe Cohen, a post-doctoral associate in Roger Summons Geobiology Lab and the Education and Outreach Coordinator for the MIT NASA Astrobiology Node...
May 27 2011
Nautical Night at the MIT Museum
Michael Byrne for Outreach@PAOC March 11th, 2011 - Nautical Night at the MIT Museum  PAOC staff (Lodovica Illari and John Marshall) and graduate students (Morgan O'Neill, Alli Wing and Mike Byrne) took part in Nautical Night ...
May 27 2011
The View from the Top - A Field Trip for First and Second Graders
Outreach@PAOC November 16, 2009 - Cambridge Public Schools "Weather Field Trip", Green Building, MIT A group of first and second graders from the Cambridge Public Schools visited MIT, as part of their study of we...
May 27 2011
Telling Your Story
"Telling Your Story Workshop", February 9, 2011 - EPS, Harvard Several PAOC members participated in a "Telling Your Story" Workshop hosted by Phoebe Cohen and others. With the goal of promoting clas...
May 27 2011
PAOC Under the Dome
Outreach@PAOC April 30th, 2011 - MIT 150 "Under the Dome"/ Cambridge Science Festival To kick off this year's Cambridge Science Festival, Under the Dome, MIT was a day-long, campus-wide open house intended to sha...
May 27 2011
Can we stay? They are demonstrating the Coriolis Force!
Outreach@PAOC May 7th, 2011 - Science Carnival at the Cambridge Public Library/ Cambridge Science FestivalSenior lecturer Lodovica Illari, aided by grad. students Ryan Abernathey and Dan Chavas were among many loca...
May 19 2011
PAOC weather forecasting team wins third place in the 2010-2011 WxChallenge
Jeff Scott & Lodovica Illari This year PAOC's weather forecasting team placed third in the national collegiate weather forecasting competition, WxChallenge, run by the University of Oklahoma. It was a very tough competition, as w...
May 17 2011
Air Pollution Trends and Impacts
Assessing Transportation in the Context of Global Change:"It is a complicated matter mapping the movement of pollution in the atmosphere, but Noelle Eckley Selin models not just the chemistry of the a...
May 13 2011
Senior Theses - 2011
Friday, May 13th, was the EAPS annual senior thesis presentation day. Of the eight Course 12 seniors participating, three, Anastasia Maheras, John (Vince) Agard and Todd Mooring, were advised by PAOC ...
May 10 2011
2011 Rossby Prize
This year's Rossby Award goes to Brian Rose for his PhD thesis Oceanic control of the sea ice edge and multiple equilibria in the climate system. Brian studied climate dynamics in the Climate Program ...
April 27 2011
On the Evolution of "Lovely Crinkly Bits"
Alex Petroff When rain falls on sand, very little of it remains on the surface. Rather, most of the water is stored in pore-space as groundwater and only returns to the surface when it flows out of a spring. As gr...
April 25 2011
The Postdoc, the Elephant Seal and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.
Helen Hill Fabien Roquet, is a postdoc working with Carl Wunsch. He is interested in the oceanic circulation, with a special emphasis on the Southern Ocean, collection and analysis of hydrographic data obtained ...
April 21 2011
Follow this link to access the spotlight archive......
April 19 2011
Visiting Student Marie Tous-Nadal will be working with Kerry Emanuel.
April 14 2011
The Ocean Front Modeling Challenge In an article published today in Science, Raf Ferrari explains why getting ocean fronts right might just help climate models become more accurate.
April 13 2011
Weather-in-a-Tank Lite - GFD for Middle School
An interview with Jareth Holt Instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, Saturday mornings this Spring first year grad student Jareth Holt has been heading back in to MIT to teach middle schoolers a little bit of weather and...
April 11 2011
Bienvenue à PAOC PAOC welcomes 2 new student visitors.
April 7 2011
Math, Modeling and the Ocean Carbon Cycle Story
Helen Hill  MIT Tech TVDr. Anne Willem Omta is a postdoc. in the ocean biogeochemistry group of Mick Follows. He investigates the factors determining how much carbon is stored in the ocean by means of numer...
April 4 2011
Who's Who? Who's New? An April update on recent comings and goings in PAOC.
March 30 2011
Crosby Lecturer Visit Prof. Katherine Freeman (Penn. State) arrives tomorrow for a week
March 29 2011
Global modeling of HFC-134a concentrations
Matt Rigby Matt Rigby models HFC concentrations...
March 17 2011
PAOC goes to Nautical Night Michael Byrne Students and Faculty Take a Rotating Tank on the Road...
March 16 2011
Summer Sail
In 2010, a group of 25 students flew to Bermuda and returned on a 134 foot sailboat to Woods Hole, MA. Each summer, incoming students in the MIT/WHOI Joint Program are invited on a 10-day cruise. As...
March 10 2011
PAOC OH'11 PAOC's annual 2-day prospective student Open House begins Monday
February 26 2011
2011 MIT Excellence Awards For his role in the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center Team, PAOC's Chris Hill receives a 2011 MIT Excellence Award
February 15 2011
Congraulations Dr. Frame PAOC Congratulates newest doctoral graduate Caitlin Frame
February 7 2011
PAOC on the Radio In an interview with NPR's Science Friday, PAOC Director, Kerry Emanuel, discusses why he feels political views shouldn't sway scientific thinking...
January 21 2011
`Hot-Bunking' Bacterium Recycles Iron to Boost Ocean Metabolism WHOI News Office WHOI and PAOC scientists collaborate in oceanic iron recycling study
January 10 2011
Seager promoted to Full Professor MIT News Office Congratulations to Professor Sara Seager on her recent promotion
January 5 2011
WCC UG Trip Weather and Climate Club visit MIT's Haystack Observatory
December 16 2010
Research Award Postdoctoral Fellow Ning Lin receives AGU research award
December 16 2010
Building a List of Earth Candidates Morgan Bettex - MIT News Office A three-part series explores MIT researchers’ roles in the quest to find an Earth twin
December 9 2010
PAOC alum detects first carbon-rich exoplanet MIT News Office - Morgan Bettex Discovery opens door to new class of exoplanets...
December 8 2010
Lorenz Institute MIT School of Science MIT to create new Climate Initiative devoted to Climate Science
October 28 2010
Grad Student Brian Rose Receives Postdoctoral Fellowship Brian Rose is awarded a NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship
October 19 2010
Off to Sea After buzzing with activity for months, the Boyle Lab is quiet this week...
October 12 2010
Construction begins on high-performance computing center MIT News Office PRS Chris Hill joins President Hockfield, Gov. Patrick and others at groundbreaking ceremony...
September 30 2010
Grad Student Brian Tang Receives Simpson Postdoctoral Fellowship PAOC grad student Brian Tang receives an NCAR Joanne and Bob Simpson Postdoctoral Fellowship, a followship awarded to promote postdoctoral research in the area of tropical cyclones and/or cloud processes.
September 29 2010
New PAOC Faculty PAOC welcomes new faculty members Dan Rothman and Roger Summons