May 17 2011
Air Pollution Trends and Impacts
Assessing Transportation in the Context of Global Change:"It is a complicated matter mapping the movement of pollution in the atmosphere, but Noelle Eckley Selin models not just the chemistry of the a...
May 13 2011
Senior Theses - 2011
Friday, May 13th, was the EAPS annual senior thesis presentation day. Of the eight Course 12 seniors participating, three, Anastasia Maheras, John (Vince) Agard and Todd Mooring, were advised by PAOC ...
May 10 2011
2011 Rossby Prize
This year's Rossby Award goes to Brian Rose for his PhD thesis Oceanic control of the sea ice edge and multiple equilibria in the climate system. Brian studied climate dynamics in the Climate Program ...
April 27 2011
On the Evolution of "Lovely Crinkly Bits"
Alex Petroff When rain falls on sand, very little of it remains on the surface. Rather, most of the water is stored in pore-space as groundwater and only returns to the surface when it flows out of a spring. As gr...
April 25 2011
The Postdoc, the Elephant Seal and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.
Helen Hill Fabien Roquet, is a postdoc working with Carl Wunsch. He is interested in the oceanic circulation, with a special emphasis on the Southern Ocean, collection and analysis of hydrographic data obtained ...
April 21 2011
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April 13 2011
Weather-in-a-Tank Lite - GFD for Middle School
An interview with Jareth Holt Instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, Saturday mornings this Spring first year grad student Jareth Holt has been heading back in to MIT to teach middle schoolers a little bit of weather and...
April 7 2011
Math, Modeling and the Ocean Carbon Cycle Story
Helen Hill  MIT Tech TVDr. Anne Willem Omta is a postdoc. in the ocean biogeochemistry group of Mick Follows. He investigates the factors determining how much carbon is stored in the ocean by means of numer...
March 29 2011
Global modeling of HFC-134a concentrations
Matt Rigby Matt Rigby models HFC concentrations...
March 16 2011
Summer Sail
In 2010, a group of 25 students flew to Bermuda and returned on a 134 foot sailboat to Woods Hole, MA. Each summer, incoming students in the MIT/WHOI Joint Program are invited on a 10-day cruise. As...
March 13 2011
Sudden Stratospheric Warmings
Helen Hill Watch a video about the work of graduate student Daniela Domeisen.Domeisen is a 4th year grad. student in the Atmospheric Science Program. Her research seeks to understand "sudden stratospheric warmin...
March 10 2011
Laura goes to Harvard Forest
Ryan Abernathey - Graduate Student Watch Part I of a video documentary by Ryan Abernathey about co-student Laura Meredith and her work studying the microbial H2 sink in Harvard Forest, Petersham, MA. Laura is a Climate Physics and Chem...
March 2 2011
Flight of the Butterly Effect
Peter Dizikes for MIT Technology Review Read this recent article in MIT's Technology Review magazine, by writer Peter Dizikes, about Lorenz's work and plans for the Lorenz Center being incubated within more...
February 24 2011
Cold and Windy with Lots of Ice
Helen Hill Cold and Windy with Lots of IceHolly Dail is a 5th year graduate student doing paleoclimate research with Carl Wunsch and Patrick Heimbach in PAOC.  As a member of the MIT-WHOI Joint Program, she...
February 17 2011
Measuring Tace Metals in the South Pacific
CMORE - BigRAPPA PAOC grad students Jong-Mi Lee (advisor Ed Boyle, based in Cambridge) and Tyler Goepfert (advisor Mak Saito, based in Woods Hole), joined researcher Rick Kayser (also from the Boyle Lab) recently retu...
February 15 2011
Where the Food Is in the Sea—and Why
Cherie Winner for Oceanus Magazine, WHOI MIT-WHOI Joint Program alum Jessica Benthuysen, created a mathematical model to better understand what controls upwelling, or vertical movement of water, at the edge of the continental shelf. Read mor...
February 9 2011
Visualizing Earth Science Data
Roman Kowch, Junior in Course 12 The Polar Front – a 3d visualization of observations and model simulations, using IDV and JythonHow would you explain the large scale pattern of weather fronts to a general audience? Roman Kowch, an u...
February 9 2011
Modeling Buoyant Surface Plumes
MITgcm News Prompted by the recent spill in the Gulf of Mexico, PAOC researchers Ross Tulloch, Chris Hill and Oliver Jahn have been computing the vulnerability of individual locations to remote buoyant surface pl...
February 8 2011
What is PAOC?
Ryan Abernathey - Graduate Student What is PAOC? from Ryan Abernathey on Vimeo.Part 1 in a series of interviews with PAOC students and postdocs. Graduate student Ryan Abernathey starts by asking the question "So, what is PAOC?"...
February 7 2011
3 Questions: Sara Seager on discovering a trove of new planets
David L. Chandler, MIT News Office NASA’s Kepler orbiting telescope has found hundreds of new possible planets, including 54 in the so-called 'habitable zone. Professor Sara Seager speaks to the MIT news office about recent exoplanetar...
February 3 2011
PAOC's Spring Courses
Below is a listing of classes being offered in PAOC this Spring. For the full complement of courses offered in EAPS look here.    image source: Sean VosCourseTitleLecturer12.007Geo...
February 3 2011
PAOC Spring Course 12.009
This course analyzes cooperative processes that shape the natural environment, now and in the geologic past. Emphasized will be the development of theoretical models that relate the physical and biolo...
February 2 2011
Father of Chaos - The Life and Times of Ed Lorenz
 Speaker: MIT Professor Kerry A. Emanuel...
February 1 2011
PAOC Spring Course 12.820
          12.820 "Turbulence in the Atmosphere and Oceans" is a course intended to present the phenomena, theory, and modeling of turbulence in the Ea...
January 28 2011
PAOC Spring Course 12.867
12.867, Orbital Forcing in the Climate System, is a new graduate course exploring the phenomena of tidal and solar insolation (Milankovitch Theory) forcing in parallel, using one to illuminate the oth...