May 16 2011
Student Award Vince Agard receives 2011 Crosby Award
May 12 2011
For people who love data The TES publishes its "Top 30 Research Institutions in Oceanography"
May 10 2011
April 25 2011
Moving Climate Change Regulation Forward MIT News Office - Jennifer Chu Read about Last Week's Climate Change Symposium
April 19 2011
Visiting Student Marie Tous-Nadal will be working with Kerry Emanuel.
April 14 2011
The Ocean Front Modeling Challenge In an article published today in Science, Raf Ferrari explains why getting ocean fronts right might just help climate models become more accurate.
April 11 2011
Bienvenue à PAOC PAOC welcomes 2 new student visitors.
April 4 2011
Who's Who? Who's New? An April update on recent comings and goings in PAOC.
March 30 2011
Crosby Lecturer Visit Prof. Katherine Freeman (Penn. State) arrives tomorrow for a week
March 17 2011
PAOC goes to Nautical Night Michael Byrne Students and Faculty Take a Rotating Tank on the Road...
March 10 2011
PAOC OH'11 PAOC's annual 2-day prospective student Open House begins Monday
February 26 2011
2011 MIT Excellence Awards For his role in the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center Team, PAOC's Chris Hill receives a 2011 MIT Excellence Award
February 15 2011
Congraulations Dr. Frame PAOC Congratulates newest doctoral graduate Caitlin Frame
February 7 2011
PAOC on the Radio In an interview with NPR's Science Friday, PAOC Director, Kerry Emanuel, discusses why he feels political views shouldn't sway scientific thinking...
February 1 2011
PAOC Spring Course 12.820
          12.820 "Turbulence in the Atmosphere and Oceans" is a course intended to present the phenomena, theory, and modeling of turbulence in the Ea...
January 28 2011
PAOC Spring Course 12.867
12.867, Orbital Forcing in the Climate System, is a new graduate course exploring the phenomena of tidal and solar insolation (Milankovitch Theory) forcing in parallel, using one to illuminate the oth...
January 26 2011
PAOC Spring Course: 12.307
12.307, "Weather and Climate Lab", is an undergraduate Institute Laboratory Course intended to illustrate, by means of 'hands on' projects, the basic dynamical and physical principles that govern the ...
January 24 2011
PAOC Spring Course: 12.801
12.801 "The General Circulation of the Ocean" is offered each Spring by Prof. John Marshall. In this class the fundamental principles of geophysical fluid dynamics are applied to the ocean to understa...
January 24 2011
What's the price of environmental policies?
Allison Crimmins for the Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change In a report published in October by the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change researchers aim to identify why proposals for climate-change legislation often have varying and wil...
January 21 2011
`Hot-Bunking' Bacterium Recycles Iron to Boost Ocean Metabolism WHOI News Office WHOI and PAOC scientists collaborate in oceanic iron recycling study
January 10 2011
Seager promoted to Full Professor MIT News Office Congratulations to Professor Sara Seager on her recent promotion
January 6 2011
Darwin Project Documentary
Helen Hou - student videographer In this short documentary by MIT student Helen Hou, PAOC graduate students Andrew Barton and Sophie Clayton talk about the Darwin marine microbe project.The movie below shares how the Darwin Project i...
January 5 2011
WCC UG Trip Weather and Climate Club visit MIT's Haystack Observatory
January 4 2011
Got Weather?
Allison Wing           One way in which PAOC students share their meteorological expertise with the community is by serving as staff meteorologists for The Tech, M...
January 4 2011
PAOC IAP Courses: 12.310
12.310 An Introduction to Weather Forecasting is a for-credit, IAP course intended to introduce undergraduates to the basic principles of synoptic meteorology and weather forecasting.The course, taugh...
January 4 2011
GFD Summer School, WHOI
Each summer since 1959 the GFD program at WHOI has organized an extended course of study and research for a small group of competitively selected graduate-student fellows with the goal of bringing tog...
December 23 2010
Hurricanes’ effects on ocean temperature revisited
Morgan Bettex - MIT News Office Mixing of ocean layers by tropical cyclones may have less effect on climate than previously thought, new research reveals: Most of the heat from the warm water that hurricanes mix deep into the oceans...
December 16 2010
Research Award Postdoctoral Fellow Ning Lin receives AGU research award
December 16 2010
December 16 2010
Houghton Lecturer Late Fall 2010 - Lance Bosart, SUNY
The Houghton Lecturer for Late Fall 2010 was Lance Bosart  (University of Albany, NY) (visit dates Nov 8th - Nov 19th).Prof. Bosart's area of interest is broad including planetary-scale, synoptic...
December 16 2010
Building a List of Earth Candidates Morgan Bettex - MIT News Office A three-part series explores MIT researchers’ roles in the quest to find an Earth twin
December 9 2010
PAOC alum detects first carbon-rich exoplanet MIT News Office - Morgan Bettex Discovery opens door to new class of exoplanets...
December 8 2010
PAOC IAP Courses: 12.312
NOT OFFERED JANUARY 2012The aim of 12.312 Understand and run your own climate model  is to introduce MIT undergraduates to the challenges of numerical modeling of a physical system, and, in parti...
December 8 2010
Lorenz Institute MIT School of Science MIT to create new Climate Initiative devoted to Climate Science
December 3 2010
3 Questions: Sara Seager on the discovery of a ‘new’ form of life
Morgan Bettex for MIT News Yesterday, NASA announced the discovery of a bacterium that can grow on a diet of arsenic and thus doesn’t share the biological building blocks traditionally associated with all life forms. The discov...
November 28 2010
MITgcm News New work by Sai Ravela, John Marshall, Chris Hill and others combines a numerical analogue with observations of a fluid experiment in the physical laboratory, as part of an effort to demonstrate how t...
November 27 2010
Food and Water
Allison Crimmins in MIT News As the globe’s population increases and people become wealthier, agricultural production will need to likewise increase. But food systems may become more stressed because of a competition for water, a...
November 9 2010
PAOC weather forecasting team wins second place in the 2009-2010 WxChallenge
MIT Forecast Team This year PAOC's weather forecasting team won second place in the national collegiate weather forecasting competition, run by the University of Oklahoma. It was a close contest, but unfortunately we w...
November 3 2010
Measuring Moisture
Elizabeth Thomson - Spectrum Magazine, MIT PAOC's Dara Entekhabi, leads an international NASA science team set to make the first-ever global observations of soil moisture from space...Soil moisture is of interest to scientists, weather forecas...
November 3 2010
Trapped in Venice Flood
Spectrum, MIT Rizzoli, professor of physical oceanography in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS), was inspired by the plight of her hometown to devote her professional life to underst...
November 2 2010
IAP 2011
PAOC members are offering two for-credit IAP classes in January...Among the for-credit classes offered are:12.312 - Understand and run your own Climate Model given by Paul O'GormanOverviews the fundam...
November 2 2010
DEAPS 2010
The EAPS three-day exploration program in Extreme Weather and Climate showcases some of the most interesting and challenging aspects of weather and climate research.webite:
October 28 2010
Grad Student Brian Rose Receives Postdoctoral Fellowship Brian Rose is awarded a NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship
October 27 2010
Incense Cedars and Failed Expectations
Andrew Barton @ How a childhood in the Sierra's helped prime one grad student for a life in the Earth Sciences... Read this recent article by PAOC grad student Andrew Barton (advisor: Mick Follows) at www.callofscien...
October 27 2010
2010 Rossby Prize
This year's Rossby Award goes to Daniel Enderton for his PhD thesis "On the meridional heat transport and its partition between the atmosphere and oceans". Daniel studied climate dynamics in the Clima...
October 27 2010
PAOC Undergraduate Courses: 12.003
12.003 (Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics) is an undergraduate class designed to introduce students to the physics that govern the circulation of the ocean and atmosphere with a focus on the proc...
October 26 2010
Study sees changing intensity of storms from warming
MIT News Office - Morgan Bettex PAOC's Paul O'Gorman suggests that hemispheres will respond to climate change differently...In a recent paper Understanding the varied response of extratropical storm tracks to climate change, in PNAS...
October 19 2010
Off to Sea After buzzing with activity for months, the Boyle Lab is quiet this week...