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September 16 2019
PAOC Colloquium: Marianna Linz (Harvard) Ida Green Lounge (54-915), Green Building (Building 54) | 12pm-1pm Title: Midlatitude Temperature Extremes and Horizontal Temperature Advection Abstract: Local probability distributions of temperature have an asymmetry in the hot and cold sides of the distribution i...
September 16 2019
ERL / EAPS Alumni and Friends Reception at SEG San Antonio River Walk, San Antonio, TX, USA | 7pm-9pm MIT Earth Resources Laboratory and MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences will host a reception in San Antonio for our alumni, as well as friends in industry and academia, on Mond...
September 23 2019
PAOC Colloquium: Dorian Abbot Ida Green Lounge (9th Floor), Building 54, Cambridge, MA, United States | | 12pm-1pm Title: The Snowball Bifurcation on Tidally Locked Planets Abstract: The ice-albedo feedback on rapidly-rotating terrestrial planets in the habitable zone can lead to abrupt transitions (bifurcations)...
September 30 2019
October 2 2019
No SLS 12pm-1pm
October 2 2019
MIT Climate Symposium: Progress in Climate Science Kresge Auditorium, W16, 48 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA | 1pm-4pm We all know the Earth is getting warmer, so why do we keep studying climate science? One reason is that the more precisely we understand how and where climate change is happening, the better we can he...
October 3 2019
Faculty Workshop Room 54-915 | 12pm-1pm
October 7 2019
October 9 2019
Special Seminar - Margaret Moerchen​ (AGU) 54-915 | 12pm-2pm The vision of the American Geophysical Union is to galvanize a community of Earth and space scientists that collaboratively advances and communicates science and its power to ensure a sustainable futu...
October 9 2019
DLS Lecture Green Building, Green Bldg, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA | 4pm-5pm Speaker: Blair Schoene, Princeton University
October 23 2019
DLS Lecture: Metabolites of the Marine Carbon and Sulfur Cycles Green Building, Green Bldg, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA | 4pm-5pm Speaker: Mary Ann Moran, Regents' Professor at the University of Georgia.
October 28 2019
October 29 2019
MIT Climate Symposium: The Climate Policy Problem 4pm-7pm During the 2019-20 academic year, MIT will host six symposia to examine the urgent challenge of climate change. This series will draw upon our work to date on the October 2015 MIT Plan for Action on...
November 4 2019
November 5 2019
DLS Lecture 4pm-5pm Speaker: Laura Crossey
November 6 2019
DLS Lecture Green Building, Green Bldg, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA | 4pm-5pm Yuliya Troitskaya
November 13 2019
November 13 2019
DLS Lecture - Paula Welander 54-915 (Ida Green Lounge) | 4pm-5pm Title: Linking the genomic and geologic records: How modern microbes produce ancient lipids
November 14 2019
John H. Carlson Lecture: Deep Sea Corals and Their Climate Secrets New England Aquarium, 1 Central Wharf, Boston, MA 02110, USA | 7pm-9pm Speaker: Laura F. Robinson (University of Bristol)
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