January 23 2012
Mercury and the Environment Vicki Ekstrom, JPSPGC Noelle Selin speaks about the EPA's recent Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
January 17 2012
The Cost of Tropical Cyclones Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office A new paper, co-authored by Kerry Emanuel, finds climate change could expose North America, East Asia and the Caribbean to costly climate damage.
January 14 2012
Congratulations Dr. Gibbons PAOC congratulates newest doctoral graduate Fern Tolley Gibbons
January 11 2012
Who's Who? Who's New? Helen Hill A PAOC g'day to new postdoc Michael Bates
January 9 2012
Outreach opportunity Sarvesh Garimella Help needed with the 2012 Blue Lobster Bowl
January 6 2012
Congratulations Dr. Abernathey PAOC congratulates newest doctoral graduate Ryan Abernathey
January 5 2012
Cool Shorts: Climate Change on Web Video IAP activities - Science, Technology & Society A chance to focus on communicating climate change
January 5 2012
Searching for Life on the Seafloor Jill McDermott, MIT-WHOI Joint Program MIT-WHOI Joint Program graduate student Jill McDermott is currently on a cruise exploring the deep seafloor of the Mid-Cayman Ridge
January 4 2012
Microbe Metabolism Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office Chris Kempes, Stephanie Dutkiewicz and Mick Follows have developed a mathematical model relating metabolic partitioning to the form of growth. Ecology of nitrogen fixers in the Pacific Ocean
December 22 2011
Atmospheric Mercury Dean Kuipers for the LA Times Noelle Selin speaks to the LA Times about the EPAs new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
December 22 2011
PAOC goes to AGU Helen Hill Roundup of papers and posters presented by PAOC members at the Fall 2011 AGU Meeting, San Francisco, Dec 5-9.
December 22 2011
MIT Global Environment Initiative Seeks Public Comment Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office Oceans and Climate two of six initiative foci
December 21 2011
Two new Earth-sized exoplanets discovered Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office Seager among team to report finding two new Earth-sized exoplanets
December 20 2011
Season's Greetings from MIT MIT Happy Holidays!
December 19 2011
The Scientist who Loved the Cold Ari Daniel Shapiro for Oceanus Magazine, WHOI Another take on MIT-WHOI Joint Program grad. student Ali Criscitiello's work
December 16 2011
Sara Seager named AAAS fellow MIT News Office Seager among four named from MIT
December 12 2011
Robert van der Hilst named new department head. School of Science in MIT News Succeeds Maria Zuber, who has led EAPS for the past eight years.
December 2 2011
A Man for all Seasons School of Science Newsletter - Fall 2011 Fidelity fund manager and Lorenz Center benefactor, John H. Carlson (X!X), talks to SoS about life as a student in Meteorology
November 18 2011
Blogging Darjeeling Anita Ganesan, Prinn Group Follow grad. student Anita Ganesan's blog. Anita is currently in Darjeeling, India installing the instrument she has built to measure long-lived greenhouse gases
November 18 2011
Timeline of a Mass Extinction Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office Dan Rothman and Sam Bowring (EAPS) have identified a new timescale that may help scientists home in on the end-Permian extinction’s likely causes.
November 16 2011
Postcard from Darjeeling Laura Meredith, Prinn Group Grad students Laura Meredith and Anita Ganesan are currently in Darjeeling, India, deploying Anita's gas chromatograph.
November 15 2011
The Mercury Game TechTV Find out how a game, co-developed by Noelle Selin, can teach people about the role of science in international environmental policy making
November 15 2011
The Office Next Door Peter Dizikes for MIT's Technology Review New in History
November 8 2011
November 4 2011
Spring Greening Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office Researchers identify physical explanation for why phytoplankton blooms explode along ocean fronts.
October 26 2011
Inaugural Carlson Lecture If you missed last week's Lorenz Center sponsored inaugural Carlson lecture, here is a recording.
October 24 2011
What does PAOC do all day?
2011 PAOC Retreat Research Roundup Participants At this year's Retreat, students, postdocs, researchers and faculty participated in a "Rapid Research Roundup", 1 minute, 1 slide show-and-tell event. Here, for posterity, is the annotated slide ...
October 19 2011
Faculty Bibliographies
Past Faculty:Edward Norton Lorenz (May 23, 1917 – April 16, 2008)  Lorenz was a mathematician and meteorologist, and a pioneer of chaos theory. He discovered the notion of strange attractors and ...
October 14 2011
Beyond PAOC - MIT Student Policy Initiative
 The MIT Science Policy Initiative (SPI) is a student-run group interested in educating students in the policies governing science research and innovation along with exploring how science and eng...
October 14 2011
A Passion for Life on Ice
Helen Hill Alison Criscitiello is a fourth year Marine Geology and Geophysics student in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program. Her principal interest is in glaciology, in particular validating a potential proxy for Antarc...
September 30 2011
The 2011 PAOC Retreat: Ziplines, Rockstar Wannabes and Accrostic Shannanigans

Last weekend, members took off for the White Mountains for the 2011 PAOC Retreat. The 18th annual PAOC retreat took place last weekend, September 23-25, 2011, at the Mountain Club resort on...

September 27 2011
Ziplines, Rockstar Wannabes and Accrostic Shannanigans
The 18th annual PAOC retreat took place last weekend, September 23-25, 2011, at the Mountain Club resort on Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH. Over 100 students, postdocs, researchers, faculty, suppor...
September 26 2011
Ziplines, Rockstar Wannabes and Acrostic Shenanigans - teaser
This weekend members assembled at the Mountain Club resort in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for the 2011 PAOC Retreat. This annual three day event, sponsored by the Houghton Fund and organ...
September 14 2011
PAOC Fall Course - 12.846
12.846 (Joint with ESD.110) Global Environmenta Science and Politics explores global environmental politics and the role of scientists. In this new course, taught by Noelle Selin, Students read c...
September 14 2011
PAOC Undergraduate Courses - 12.335
 12.335 (Experimental Atmospheric Chemistry) in an undergraduate class which introduces the atmospheric chemistry involved in climate change, air pollution, and ozone depletion using a combinatio...
September 14 2011
PAOC's Fall Courses
Below is a listing of classes being offered in PAOC this Spring. For the full complement of courses offered in EAPS look here.     CourseTitleLecturer12.003Physics of the...
September 14 2011
An Evening of Astrobiology @ MIT
Outreach@PAOC August 22nd, 2011 - An Evening of Astrobiology @ MITAs part of the World's Beyond - The Search for Life in the Universe exhibition on display in MIT's Stata Center August 17th -19th and at the MIT Mus...
September 7 2011
DEAPS Extreme Weather and Climate 2011
A select few of MIT's class of 2015 got an early first taste of PAOC August 23-26, with this year's EAPS FPOP (Freshman Pre-Orientation Program) Discover Earth, Atmosphere and Planetary Sciences: Extr...
August 31 2011
PAOC Fall Course 12.951
 12.951 - The Cryosphere in the Climate System, A reading course.This new course is intended to provide an introduction to basic concepts and state of research of cryospheric processes in the cli...
August 25 2011
Meet PAOC's PhD class of 2016
Fall 2011 sees the arrival of 24 new students: 6 joining the Atmospheric Sciences Program, 3 joining Climate Physics and Chemistry and 13 joining the MIT-WHOI Joint Program, with 9 studying Chemical a...
August 2 2011
DEAPS 2011 - schedule information
DEAPS organisers The EAPS three-day exploration program in Extreme Weather and Climate showcases some of the most interesting and challenging aspects of weather and climate research.Below is the schedule for...
July 25 2011
The Air Up There
Kat Saad For the past month, graduate student Kat Saad has been blogging about her experiences at NASA's Student Airborne Research Program."I checked into "Hotel UCI" today for my first day at SARP: the S...
July 14 2011
Off to that other Cambridge
John Taylor, who came to PAOC as an NSF funded Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellow, is moving to Cambridge University in the U.K. at the end of the month, to take up a faculty position ...
June 28 2011
Meet Prof. Daniel Cziczo
PAOC is delighted to welcome new faculty member, atmospheric chemist, Professor Daniel James Cziczo (pronounced Cit-so). Prof. Cziczo comes to us from PNNL where he has been a Senior Scientist in the ...
June 27 2011
Estimating Eddy Diffusivity in the Southern Ocean
Andreas Klocker Geostrophic eddies are a key mechanism for mixing tracers such as heat or carbon across the Southern Ocean but there is an ongoing debate as to the magnitude of eddy mixing in this region: Estimates b...
June 22 2011
Women in Science Conference
Last Saturday, senior lecturer, Lodovica Illari, attended the annual Women in Science Conference at Algonquin Regional High School, Northborough, MA. During a day of motivational presentations an...
June 17 2011
John (Vince) Agard for the Weather & Climate Club On Friday, December 10th, the Weather and Climate Club sponsored a trip for undergraduate students to MIT’s Haystack Observatory in Westford, MA. There, the club received a presentation from...
June 17 2011
Into the wild blue yonder...
Shaena Berlin for the Weather & Climate Club On Friday, May 6th, the Weather and Climate Club sponored a trip for students to the Blue Hill Observatory, just south of Boston. The observatory boasts the oldest continuous weather record in North A...
June 16 2011
The Ocean, Dust and a Really, Really Really Clean Lab
Originally from Peru, Gonzalo Carrasco joined Ed Boyle's Trace Metals Lab, just over a year ago. His main interests are the study of trace metals of biogeochemical importance, focusing on their concen...