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Thu September 20th, 2018
Lauren Hinkel | EAPS News

Andrew Babbin, an Assistant Professor in MIT Department of Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, was awarded the 2019 Doherty Professorship in Ocean Utilization

Colette Heald became a full professor. She also holds an appointment as Associate Department Head in MIT’s Civil and Environmental Engineering.

EAPS Associate Professor Noelle Eckley Selin, who also holds an appointment in MIT’s Institute for Data, Systems & Society (IDSS), became Director of the MIT Technology and Policy Program (TPP).

We wish Melody Abedinejad, an Administrative Assistant in EAPS Headquarters, a fond farewell and thank her for work.

Congratulations to Chunfang Meng (Hager group), Gianluca Menegello (Marshall group) and Alexandra Pontefract (Zuber group), who have been promoted to research scientists.

Visiting Scientists who left:
Florent Brenguier (van der Hilst group)
Albion Lawrence (Ferrari group)
Research Scientists who left:
Benjamin Hardt (McGee group)
Research Support Associates who left:
Shokoheh Khadivi Donboli (Bowring group)
Postdocs who left:
Yunfang Sun (Rizzoli group)
Mirna el Daye (Bosak group)
Hua Wang (Fehler group)
Francois Tissott (Grove/McGee groups)
Mukuhira Yusuke (Fehler group)