Houghton Lecture - Trevor McDougall, Univ. of New South Wales


Trevor McDougall will be presenting several lectures on Thermodynamics. Please find a course outline here.

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Trevor McDougall is visiting MIT from the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia where is Scientia Professor of Ocean Physics in the Department of Applied Mathematics.  Trevor did his PhD at the University of Cambridge UK, his postdoc at the Australian National University, Canberra, and worked at CSIRO in Hobart Tasmania for many years.  He works on ocean mixing and ocean thermodynamics, and he recently chaired the international working group that developed the thermodynamic potentials for seawater, ice and humid air that have now been adopted as the global standard definitions of these substances. Further information can be gleaned from https://research.unsw.edu.au/people/scientia-professor-trevor-mcdougall.

Schedule (all lectures will be held in room 54-915):

1) The Fundamental Thermodynamic Relation and the First Law of Thermodynamics Fri Sep. 25th 10am

2) The “potential” property and the “conservative” property; what is the heat content of seawater? Fri Oct 23rd 10am

3) How to evaluate the importance of the non-conservation of several thermodynamic variables such as entropy. Fri Oct 30th 10am

4) The thermodynamic framework for studying the interaction of ice and seawater, including frazil ice. Fri Nov 6th 10am

5) Bulk potential enthalpy as the way of handling frazil ice in coupled ice-ocean models. Fri Nov 13th 10am

6) The neutral tangent plane, neutral helicity, and the “thin” nature of the ocean in salinity-temperature-pressure space. Fri Nov 20th 10am

7) Thermobaricity, cabbeling, neutral helicity and the closed expression for the absolute velocity in the ocean. Fri Dec 4th 10am