PAOC offers an array of stimulating undergraduate courses in atmosphere and ocean phenomena, geophysical fluid dynamics, chemistry and climate.



12.003 Dynamics of the Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate
12.010 Computational Methods of Scientific Programming
12.086 Modeling Environmental Complexity
12.158 Molecular Biogeochemistry
12.301 Climate Science
12.318 Introduction to Atmospheric Data and Large-scale Dynamics
12.335 Experimental Atmospheric Chemistry
12.336 Air Pollution and Atmospheric Chemistry
12.385 Science, Politics, and Environmental Policy
12.387 People and the Planet: Environmental Governance and Science
12.390 Fluid Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Ocean
12.421 Physical Principles of Remote Sensing
12.843 Large-scale Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics



12.097 Understand and run your own climate model  (not being offered in 2012)
12.310 Introduction to Weather Forecasting



12.007 Geobiology: History of Life on Earth
12.009 Theoretical Enviromental Analysis
12.306 Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry
12.307 Climate and Weather Laboratory
12.315 Atmospheric Radiation and Convection
12.333 Atmospheric and Ocean Circulations
12.340 Global Warming Science

For more undergraduate courses, and how to fit them together to attain a bachelor degree see the EAPS roadmap page.

Updated January 2021