Clubs & Extramural Activities

Although MIT undergraduates have a well-deserved reputation for working very hard, the department encourages social interactions, by hosting pizza parties, ice cream study breaks, as well as occasional field or camping trips.

PAOC's contribution to these extra-curricula activities includes annual participation in  weather forecasting competition as well as field trips and talks on current topics in weather and climate.

MIT Weather & Climate Club (WCC)

The Weather and Climate Club provides an opportunity for MIT students with an interest in day-to-day weather and long-term climate issues to meet with like-minded students and enrich their experience through involvement in some of the many activities in EAPS focusing on weather and climate. Activities include forecast the weather by partecipating to the WxChallenge competition, write short weather forecasts for the TheTech, the regular maintenance of the Green Building weather station, field trips to local weather observatories and regular seminars from local experts in weather and climate.


PAOC Forecast Team

forecastteam_1.jpg (Med)

Open to undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, as well as faculty, staff and alumni, the PAOC Weather Forecasting Team has led the field in WxChallenge, The North American inter-collegiate weather forecasting competition, over the past 10 and more years. Besides preparing for, and participating in, this exciting competition,  members also have an opportunity to provide in-house forecasts to MIT's daily newspaper The Tech.


Log of WCC activities:

May, 2018 - Forecast team earns fourth place in the WxChallenge
May, 2017 - Forecast team earns fifth place in the WxChallenge
Nov, 2016 - WCC visits the Blue Hill Observatory
Oct, 2016 - WCC listens to Richard Alley (Carlson Lecture)
Oct, 2016 - MIT forecasts for the head of the Charles Regatta

May, 2016 - Forecast team earns second place in the WxChallenge
2015 - WCC listen to Bjorn Stevens(Calson lecture)
Oct, 2015 - MIT forecasts for the head of the Charles Regatta
May, 2015 - Forecast team earns third place in the WxChallenge
Oct, 2014 - WCC listens to Peter Molnar (Carlson lecture)

May 2014 - Forecast team ranks fifth in the WxChallenge
Oct, 2013 - MIT forecasts for the Head of the Charles Regatta 
Oct, 2013 - WCC listens to John Wetlaufer (Carlson lecture)
May 2013 - Foreacst team goes bowling
Nov, 2012 - WCC visits the Blue Hill Observatory
Nov, 2012 - WCC listens to Tim Palmer (Carlson lecture)
Jun, 2011 - WCC visits the Blue Hill Observatory
Dec, 2010 - WCC@Haystack
Oct, 2009 - MIT undergrads forecast for the Charles Regatta
May, 2009 - WCC visits WHOI
Feb, 2008 - Prof Ron Prin talks to the WCC 

EAPS Undergraduate Common Room

The Department has also provided our majors and minors with a Common Room in the Green Building, accessible only to EAPS undergraduates, where they can study, read, talk or just relax.