Compute Clusters

PAOC's compute clusters provide students and researchers with enviable computing resources.

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PAOC currently supports a number of systems, principle among which are the Engaging and Svante compute clusters.


The Engaging cluster is a large compute cluster managed by MIT, consisting of over 1500 compute nodes, 40,000 cores, and 10 PB of Lustre-based storage. All nodes are interconnected by a low-latency infiniband fabric, and some compute nodes are equipped with GPUs to accelerate enabled mathematically-intensive codes.  All PAOC students are eligible for a general account on this cluster; many PAOC faculty have priority on a subset of compute nodes for their students' use.


Named after  Svante Arrhenius, the Swedish scientist who first speculated about fossil fuel emissions and the greenhouse effect, the Svante cluster is available for students, post-docs, and researchers affiliated with The Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change  or The Center For Global Change Science.

  • 80 compute nodes, most employing either the Intel "broadwell" or "sandy bridge" chipset, running @ 2.60-3.47 GHz and equipped with 48-128 GB RAM per node (approximately 1800 total physical cores)
  • Ten dedicated high-capacity file server nodes; total disk storage capacity is over 3 PB.
  • Compute and file server nodes interconnected by a low-latency infiniband fabric.

For more information or to request an account, please email