MIT/WHOI Joint Program In Oceanography

The graduate programs in Physical and Chemical Oceanography are offered in a joint doctoral program with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). Almost all areas of physical and chemical oceanography are covered by faculty and staff of the two institutions, including modeling, theory, observations of the ocean at sea and from space, and laboratory models.

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Only doctoral candidates are considered for admission in the Joint Program, and the degree is conferred together by the two institutions. WHOI, located about 70 miles south of Boston, is one of the world's leading oceanographic research centers and its facilities include a fleet of research ships and submersibles operating around the world, and extensive laboratory facilities. Students may reside and conduct research at either institution, and much effort has been made to render communication and travel between the institutions as easy as possible. All physical and chemical oceanography students are jointly supervised by PAOC faculty and WHOI staff and have access to all of the facilities and expertise of both institutions.

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Areas of oceanography other than physical and chemical, including geological, geophysical, and the biological sciences, as well as engineering, are supervised jointly by WHOI staff and faculty in EAPS and other MIT departments. Applicants interested in any of these programs should contact either:

MIT JP Administrator


Graduate Admissions & Student Affairs Officer,
WHOI Academic Programs Office,
360 Woods Hole Road, MS31
Clark 223
Woods Hole, MA, 02543