PAOC Spotlights

Weston Middle School Visit

Tue June 17th, 2014
Lodovica Illari

Weston Midlle School Visits PAOC.

A group of middle school students (6th grade) from the Weston Public schools visited PAOC, as part of their annual trip to MIT. Lodovica Illari, Allison Wing and grad students, Morgan O'Neill, escorted the group on the top of the Green Building to measure the wind speed and direction. Profs John Marshall and Glenn Fierl together with grad student Yavor Kostov used simple laboratory experiments to show the students the effect of rotation on weather patterns. It was the largest group (42 students + teachers) visiting the Fluid lab. This required careful planning and a lot of helping hands. All of us enjoyed the interaction with the group. The students themselves seemed to like the experience.

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