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The Brit, his Computer and Prepping for a Greenhouse Whodunnit...

Fri December 16th, 2011
Helen Hill



Get to know a little more about Researcher Matt Rigby and his work in this video interview

For the past 4 years Matt Rigby, a member of the Prinn Group, has been a researcher in the Center for Global Change Science. An atmospheric chemist by training, his particular interest is in determining the sources and sinks of greenhouse gases. To determine their sources and sinks, Rigby uses measurements of the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere together with computer models (a lot like the models used to produce weather forecasts) to work backwards from where a gas is observed to where it must have come from. Doing this he can then seek to work out what the sources are or what the destruction rates for the various gases are.

Matt has received a prestigious 5-year Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Advanced Research Fellowship and will shortly be leaving MIT, to take a position in the Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group within the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol, UK.