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The 2010 PAOC Retreat: Ogunquit, ME

Mon September 12th, 2016

Around the beginning of each academic year, members of PAOC attend a weekend retreat for science, recreation, and relaxation. Generously subsidized by the Houghton Fund, the retreat is free of charge to all faculty, post-docs and graduate students of PAOC, and guests are welcome.

This year, the group spent the weekend at the Meadowmere Resort in Ogunquit, ME over the weekend of October 1st - 3rd, 2010.

Traditionally during the retreat, PAOC members focus discussions and lectures around a particular theme; this year's was "Complexity and Controversy: Searching for a Theory of Climate". And each year, the Retreat Committee selects distinguished researchers from MIT and elsewhere to help guide the talks. Dan Rothman (MIT, PAOC), Carl Wunsch (MIT, PAOC), Adam Sobel (Columbia University) and Graeme Stephens (Colorado State University) graciously accepted the invitation this year. Additionally, there were presentations from PAOC Director Kerry Emanuel, as well as Helen Hill and Sai Ravela who unveiled the new PAOC website.

When they weren't discussing research, PAOC members, friends and families took in Maine's ocean views and salty air. Others opted to explore the town, hike and kayak, while enjoying the company of their peers. And Saturday evening was the height of fun, as PAOC-ers and families shared their skills in a talent/variety show.

1) Raf: Juggling
2) Marty and Malte: Guitar + song
3) Jay: Rollerskates
4) Kerry's son: Played the keyboard
5) Tim: Apple Peeling
6) Jean-Michel: French Song
7) Elena: Tap Dance
8) Morgan: Spelling
9) Helen: Cello
10) Andrew Barton Soccer Ball Juggling Invitational: Andrew, Dan,
Matt, Ben, Mike, others from audience
11) Brian + Ed: Banjo + guitar
12) Ed's daughter: Played the keyboard
13) Deepak, Dan A., et al.: PV song

Refreshed and ready for another year, the group returned to Cambridge on Sunday afternoon.

Members of the PAOC Retreat Committee -- Morgan O'Neill (chair) Mike Byrne Dan Chavas Tim Cronin Anita Ganesan Malte Jansen Sebastien Marcq Marty Singh Alli Wing -- thank you for a great retreat!

See more photos from this and previous retreats on our PAOC and EAPS Flickr pages!

2010 Retreat Talent Show