PAOC Spotlights

PAOC's Spring Courses

Thu February 3rd, 2011

image - Sean VosBelow is a listing of classes being offered in PAOC this Spring. For the full complement of courses offered in EAPS look here.




 image source: Sean Vos



12.007Geobiology: The History of Life on EarthSummons & Bosak
12.009Theoretical Environmental AnalysisRothman
12.119Analytical Techniques for Studying Environmental and Geologic SamplesBowring & Boyle
12.307Weather & Climate LaboratoryMarshall & Illari
12.333Atmospheric DynamicsPlumb
12.340Global Warming ScienceEmanuel & Seager
12.431Space Systems DevelopmentSeager, Cahoy
12.801General Circulation of the OceanMarshall
12.802Wave Motions in Oceans & AtmospheresFlierl 
12.810Dynamics of the AtmospherePlumb
12.820Turbulence of the Ocean and AtmosphereClayson, Ferrari and Flierl
12.844Modeling & Assessment for PolicySelin
12.950Seminar in Physical Oceanography at MITMahadevan
12.980Current Research in MeteorologyCziczo
12.S990Quantifying UncertaintyRavela


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