PAOC Spotlights

PAOC's Fall Courses

Wed September 14th, 2011

image: PAOCBelow is a listing of classes being offered in PAOC this Spring. For the full complement of courses offered in EAPS look here.








12.003Physics of the Atmosphere and OceanFerrari
12.010Computational Methods of Scientific ProgrammingHerring (EAPS) & Hill
12.086/ 12.586Modeling Environmental ComplexityRothman
 Molecular BiogeochemistrySummons
12.301/12.842Past and Present Climates Boyle, Emanuel & Marshall
12.320JIntroduction to HydrologyEntekhabi
12.335/ 12.835Experimental Atmospheric ChemistryOno (EAPS) & Prinn
12.43Space Systems EngineeringCahoy (EAPS), Seager & Miller (Aero/Astro)
12.803Quasi-balanced Circulations in Oceans and AtmospheresEmanuel
12.804Large-scale Flow Dynamics LaboratoryFlierl & Illari
12.812General Circulation of the Earth's AtmosphereO'Gorman
12.818Introduction to Atmospheric Data and Synoptic MeteorologyIllari
12.830Topics in Waves and InstabilityLindzen
12.831Dynamics and Transport in the StratospherePlumb
12.846Global Environmental Sciences and PoliticsSelin
12.951The Cryosphere in the Climate SystemHeimbach
12.A32Cellular Automata: Simple Computer Models for Complicated SystemsFlierl