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PAOC weather forecasting team wins second place in the 2009-2010 WxChallenge

Tue November 9th, 2010
MIT Forecast Team

This year PAOC's weather forecasting team won second place in the national collegiate weather forecasting competition, run by the University of Oklahoma. It was a close contest, but unfortunately we were edged out again by Mississippi State. Congratulations to MSU!

WxChallenge runs for twenty weeks, covering five, two-week forecast periods each semester, with a team prize awarded at the end of the year. More than 50 US colleges compete during the year long contest. All members of our team performed well, with 10 of our forecasters ranked in the top 100, out of over 1000 participants.

Overall scores: Roman Kowch was first and Jaswanth Madhavan was third in the freshman/sophomore student category.
Brian Tang was third in the graduate student category.

6 forecasters received trophies for top forecasting honors at individual cities in their respective categories:

Charleston, SC Cat 4: Shin Nee Wong, Roman Kowch

Stockton, CA Cat 4: Jaswanth Madhavan

St. Louis, MO Cat 2: Angela Zalucha

Atlanta, GA cat 4: Roman Kowch

Seattle, WA Cat 2: Allison Wing, Cat 3: Stefan Gimmillaro Cat 4: Roman Kowch

Congratulations to the entire team for another good performance - see  final scores - and special congratulations to Roman who received four prizes this year!


This year's team included 9 undergraduates, 4 graduate students and 4 post-docs/staff members:

2009-2010 Team

Staff: Lodovica Illari, PAOC, Jeff Scott, PAOC

Postdocs: Romain Meyer, EAPS, Caroline Muller, PAOC

Grad students: Malte Jansen, PAOC, Brian Tang, PAOC, Angela Zalucha, PAOC, Allison Wing, PAOC

Undergrads: J.Vincent Agard - junior, course 12, Malik Coleman - sophomore, course 15, Stefan Gimmillaro - junior, course 6,  Reena Joubert - freshman, Roman Kowch - sophomore, course 12, Jaswanth Madhavan - freshman, Anastasia Maheras - junior, course 12, Elizabeth Maroon - senior, course 12, Justin Schmidt - senior, course 2

Fall semester only Shin Nee Wong - sophomore, course 6

Alumni: Garrett Marino, ex-PAOC