PAOC Spotlights

PAOC Spring Course 12.867

Fri January 28th, 2011

12.867, Orbital Forcing in the Climate System, is a new graduate course exploring the phenomena of tidal and solar insolation (Milankovitch Theory) forcing in parallel, using one to illuminate the other. Using real records as exercises in the practical application of time series and modeling methods, the course will consider the role of the two forces in the modern and paleoclimate systems. The course is intended to give practical experience in time series analysis by applying it to real records with interesting physics. There is no textbook, but there are notes which will be posted on the class website.

Instructor: Carl Wunsch


Office: 54-1426, x3-5937

Class webpage

Meet: MW 2:00-2:30pm in 54-1623

Prereq: 12.301 or 12.842; 18.03 or permission of instructor

Level: G, Units:3-0-6, Graded P/D/F