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PAOC IAP Courses: 12.310

Tue January 4th, 2011

12.310 An Introduction to Weather Forecasting is a for-credit, IAP course intended to introduce undergraduates to the basic principles of synoptic meteorology and weather forecasting.

The course, taught by Lodovica Illari involves analysis of hourly weather data and numerical weather prediction models.

The course is graded on the basis of 5 separate assignments, 4 during the first 2 weeks of the course with the 5th in the final week. The first 4 assignments typically have 3 parts: a reading with questions, an analysis of current weather, and a case study.

The 5th assignment involves a forecast competition in which students each produce 4 short-range forecasts for Boston from Tuesday to Friday. In addition, working in small groups, students have the opportunity to create a brief “TV-style” forecast presentation for an assigned US city.

Since 2008, 12.310, has also included a very popular visit to WBZ TV (Boston's local CBS station) to learn how TV weather forecasts come together. Enjoy video from last year's visit with Todd Gutner and WBZ below:


Contact: Lodovica Illari, 54-1612, x3-2286,

Meet: Mon, Wed, Fri, Jan 18, 20, 23, 25, 27, 30 1:30-33:00pm, 54-915

Class webpage

Pre-register on WebSIS and attend first class. Limited to 50 participants.

Listeners allowed, space permitting

Prereq: GIR:PHY1, GIR:CAL1 Level: U 6 units

Graded P/D/F



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