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Ocean-borne Garbage Pulls a Crowd

Sun April 21st, 2013
Helen Hill and Genevieve Wanucha

Oceans at MIT goes to the 2013 Cambridge Science Festival...

Oceans@MIT at CSF

Ocean scientists from MIT’s Program in Oceans, Atmospheres, and Climate as well as EAPS department undergraduates headed over to the MIT Museum a few Saturdays ago to participate in this year's Cambridge Science Festival.

Among the demonstrations shared were annulus experiments illustrating the fluid science behind weather patterns, dye stirring and the red spot and a demonstration of how the wind-driven circulation leads to the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Dump. Faculty, students and research staff answered questions and shared stories with an audience of all ages.


Oceans at MIT is a group of researchers dedicated to understanding, protecting, and harnessing the world’s least explored and most vital frontier—the ocean. Visit: to find out more. Picture credit: Genevieve Wanucha for Oceans@MIT.