PAOC Spotlights

Meet PAOC's Class of 2012

Mon June 18th, 2012

Top: Rachel Horwitz, Karin Lemkau, Fern Gibbons, Ryan Abernathey, Middle: Andrea Burke, Eunjee Lee, Kat Potter, Bottom: Andrew Barton, Phil Lane, Erin Bertrand, Abigail Noble


Checking-in with PAOC's Class of 2012:

Ryan AbernatheyAfter staying on for several months as a postdoc, Ryan recently left MIT, heading west to Scripps where he has just started a postdoc position working with MIT-WHOI JP alum Paola Cessi. Ryan's thesis was on mixing by ocean eddies. His advisor was John Marshall.
Andrew BartonAndrew, who's thesis work was on "Trait-based Approaches to Marine Microbial Ecology", is now a postdoc at at Duke University working with physical oceanographer Susan Lozier. His thesis advisor was Mick Follows.
Andrea BurkeAndrea is a Foster and Coco Stanback Postdoctoral Scholar in Global Environmental Science at the California Institute of Technology. Her thesis work was on "Constraining circulation changes through the last deglaciation with deep-sea coral radiocarbon and sedimentary ²³¹Pa/²³⁰Th" working with Laura Robinson and Olivier Marchal at WHOI.
Fern GibbonsAfter completing of her thesis on the variability of the IndoPacific warm pool and the Indonesian Throughflow, with advisor Delia Oppo at WHOI, Fern is working for the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee based in Washington D.C.
Rachel HorwitzRachel is currently enjoying a summer of rest and recuperation following the defense of her thesis "The Effect of Stratification on Wind-Driven, Cross-Shelf Circulation and Transport on the Inner Continental Shelf", in late April. Her advisor was Steve Lentz (WHOI).
Phil LanePhil's thesis work was on paleohurricanes and centered on using sediment cores to develop records of hurricane activity over the past 500 years. Now a WHOI postdoc, Phil is based in NYC. His thesis advisors were Jeff Donnely (WHOI) and Kerry Emanuel.
Eunjee LeeCurrently doing a postodc with CGCS , this fall Eunjee heads gown the road to Harvard to begin a postdoc at the Kennedy School of Government and the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, exploring impacts of land-use on atmosphere-vegetation-hydrology systems under anticipated climate change. Her advisor was Ron Prinn.
Karin LemkauKarin's thesis work concerned modeling and analytical approaches to understanding environmental weathering of heavy fuel oil spills. Her advisor was Chris Reddy at WHOI.
Abigail NobleAbigail is currently a postdoc in Ed Boyle's Trace Metals Group here in Cambridge. Her thesis concerned what influences oceanic biogeochemical cycling of cobalt, iron and mangenese. Abigail's advisor was Mak Saito at WHOI.
Kat PotterKat is currently a research scientist with JPSPGC with continued involvement in AGAGE. Her thesis concerned understanding tropospheric nitrous oxide isotopic composition in the troposphere. Her advisor was Ron Prinn.

PAOC also saw three students recieve masters Degrees: Neil Zimmerman (advisor: Kerry Emanuel), Rachel Bowens-Rubin (advisor Sara Seager) and Luyao Lee (advisor Sara Seager). Two students Deepa Rao (advisor Ron Prinn/ Laura Meredith) and Roman Kowch (advisor Lodovica Illari) obtained batchelor's degrees.

You can read more about their senior thesis work in this spotlight story.