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Fri June 22nd, 2018

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PAOC members continue to receive numerous awards and honors, both within MIT and beyond the Institute: end of year round-up.

Senior Investigator Awards

Andrew Babbin
Assistant Professor was awarded the 2019 Doherty Professorship in Ocean Utilization.


Timothy Cronin
Kerr-Mcgee Career Development Assistant Professor was appointed the Kerr-McGee career development chair. He was also awarded an Ally of Nature Fund Award.


Kerry Emanuel
Cecil & Ida Green Professor of Atmospheric Science 
and Co-Director of the Lorenz Center was chosen by the Board of Directors and staff of The National Center for Science Education to receive the 2018 Friend of the Planet award.


Dara Entekhabi
MIT's Bacardi and Stockholm Water Foundations Professor was awarded the 2018 David and Lucille Atlas Remote Sensing Prize, "For scientific and technical leadership in providing remote sensing data and in their use to address basic questions in hydrological science."


Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli
Professor of Physical Oceanography was chosen to give the Rachel Carson Lecture at the Fall 2017 Meeting of the American Geophysical Union. 


David McGee
Associate Professor of Paleoclimatology was awarded an Excellence In Mentoring Award by the office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming.


Ronald G. Prinn
TEPCO Professor of Atmospheric Science gave the Keynote Lecture “Climate Change Risks and the Challenge of Avoiding 2°C Warming” at The Bose Institute Centenary Keynote Lecture, The Bose Institute, Kolkata, India in August, 2017.

Daniel Rothman
Professor of Geophysics, Co-Director of the Lorenz Center
Rothman's paper "Thresholds of Catastrophe in the Earth System" was a pick for the American Mathematical Society's Top Math Stories in the Media - 2017,'s The Top articles of 2017, and Blue Ocean Network's Top Ocean Stories of 2017.

Sara Seager
Class of 1941 Professor of Planetary Sciences was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She was also elected to the American Philosophical Society.


Noelle Eckley Selin
Associate Professor and Associate Director, MIT Technology and Policy Program
was awarded a Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship at the Technical University of Munich. She was also named a Senior Research Fellow of the Earth System Governance project.


Susan Solomon
Lee and Geraldine Martin Professor of Environmental Studies was chosen to receive the Royal Society’s 2018 Bakerian Medal and give the Bakerian Lecture. She also received an honorary doctorate from Rockefeller University this month. Prof Solomon additionally received an AGU 2017 Editors Citation for Excellence in Refereeing.


Student Awards

Tom Beucler
Graduate Student was a finalist of the Climate Changed@MIT Competition: Higher Grounds at MIT (2018); Received Best Poster Prize (Water & Society) for "Preparing MIT for 2050 Floodwaters" at the MIT Water Night (2018); was awarded an AGU 2017 Editor's Citation for Excellence in Refereeing; is the recipient of a Graduate Research Fellowship in the Program on Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Climate and the Earth System at the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (2018); and was a 2017 Summer Fellow, Les Houches Summer School on Fundamental Aspects of Turbulent Flows in Climate Dynamics.

William Corlett
Graduate Student received the Mark B. Bain Graduate Fellowship from the Hudson River Foundation.

Jessica Dabrowski
Graduate Student was selected as an Honorable Mention for the 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP).

Margaret Duffy
Graduate Student received an Award for Excellence in Teaching in recognition of graduate student teaching assistants in EAPS who have been selected by faculty and students to have met the highest levels of performance.


Daniel Gilford ’18
was awarded an Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) for his presentations at the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union.


Gabriela Serrato Marks 
Graduate Student was awarded an MIT MindHandHeart innovation fund grant in Fall 2017.

In the Media

In 2017 EAPS postdoc Julien de Wit was part of the team reporting the discovery of seven possibly life-friendly worlds orbiting TRAPPIST-1. The story was a top pick for the top stories lists at Science News and Space Magazine. De Wit joins the EAPS faculty in summer 2018.

- Science News 5/10 top 10 stories of 2017
Discover Magazine 7/100 of top 100 stories for 2017

Alumni Mentions

Nicholas Hawco PhD '17 was awarded the 2017 Rossby Prize for Best Doctoral Dissertation in MIT's Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences' Program in Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate.

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