PAOC Spotlights

Introducing New Faculty: Prof. Tim Cronin

Fri September 2nd, 2016
Helen Hill

Prof. Tim Cronin is interested in lots of different subjects related to climate, especially idealized modeling of the atmosphere and atmosphere-land system with single-column and limited-area models.

In this video interview, Cronin, who rejoined the department as a new member of faculty this summer, shares his current research, and path back to EAPS.

Introducing New Faculty: Prof. Tim Cronin

Cronin received his PhD from EAPS at MIT in 2014 since when he has been a NOAA and HUCE Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard, working with Eli Tziperman on the process of cold air formation and how it would be affected by changes in cloudiness in a much warmer Arctic.

Story image credit: Helen Hill