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Help Us Update the Jule Charney Library

Mon April 9th, 2018
EAPS Development

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Friends of EAPS: The Charney Library renovation project needs your help!

Professor Jule Charney, widely considered the “pioneer of modern dynamical meteorology,” mentored countless students over his quarter century at MIT. Charismatic and open-minded, Charney had a knack for bringing people together, encouraging scientific collaboration across disciplines and borders—after all, as he was quick to point out, the atmosphere is a single, global system.

Continuing the spirit of his legacy, the opportunity to reimagine and expand the Charney Library on the 14th floor of the Green Building will provide much-needed, invaluable collaborative space for the students, postdocs, faculty, and researchers of the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS).

Initiated by the graduate students and postdocs of EAPS, with the support of professors Raffaele Ferrari, Paul O'Gorman, and Andrew Babbin (who created the design), the Charney Library renovation project will:

• Create a multi-purpose common space for members of the EAPS community to interact both socially and academically. The refurbished library will have lightweight and flexible furniture configurations, a workspace bar around the walls, whiteboards, and new flooring.

• Establish a quiet space for individual study or for small group meetings—a resource which is currently lacking, with the only available area being the large, open Ida Green Lounge on the busy EAPS Headquarters floor.

• Provide a selection of textbooks as a reference for studying—something of particular importance for the MIT-WHOI Joint Program students who continually are traveling back and forth from Cape Cod and don't have permanent offices in the Green Building.

EAPS needs to raise $25,000 to complete the refurbishment of the Charney Library. This includes purchasing textbooks, new lightweight modular furniture, as well as cosmetic improvements. To learn more or to make a gift, please contact Angela Ellis at 617-253-5796 or