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Tue June 14th, 2011

With the planet as their classroom, this page provides links to recent blog activity by members of PAOC. 

Ben Linhoff

Following the Ice: Is this Global Warming? - July, 2012

From the mess tent, we can hear huge boulders crashing through rapids half a kilometer away. The boulders sometimes sound like approaching footsteps, and as we’re all just a tiny bit nervous about an unlikely polar bear visit, conversations trail off and we listen.

Between collecting samples and keeping equipment running, MIT-WHOI Joint Program student Ben Linhoff is blogging from the Greenland Ice Sheet for Scientific American. [BLOG]

Sarvesh Garimella

Clouds Over Karsruhe - July, 2012

"Today I took a car to Logan Airport, an Airbus A340 to Frankfurt, a high-speed train to Karlsruhe, an S-Bahn to Leopoldshafen, and now I sit in my hotel room on my first-ever foray into the European continent. My quest to study clouds in Karlsruhe has now begun".

Together with advisor Dan Cziczo, graduate student Sarvesh Garimella is conducting ice nucleation studies in collaboration with the AIDA group at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. [BLOG]

Sarah Rosengard

cureforcymophobia - February 20 to March 23, 2012

From now until March 23 a crew of scientists and ship engineers will traverse the Southern part of the Indian Ocean to investigate the existence of the Calcite Belt. My role in this expedition is carbon, arguably one of the most sought after elements in the history of industrialism and environmental advocacy.

MIT-WHOI Joint Program graduate student Sarah Rosengard is blogging from the Indian Ocean. [BLOG]

Jill McDermott

OASES2012: Return to the Cayman Rise - January 6 to 31, 2012

Very little of the deep ocean has been mapped or even explored, and virtually every attempt to reveal the unknown depths raises as many questions as it answers. Nowhere is this more evident than in recent attempts to understand the geology, chemistry, and biology of slow spreading centers such as those found along the Mid-Cayman Rise. 

MIT-WHOI Joint Program graduate student Jill McDermott is currently participating in a cruise to explore the sea-bed at the Mid-Cayman Rise. Jill's advisors are Chris German and Jeffrey Seewald. She is based at WHOI. [BLOG]

Anita Ganesan

blogging darjeeling - November 18 to 26, 2011

In this blog, graduate student Anita Ganesan recounts her experiences in Darjeeling India where, with the help of fellow grad. student Laura Meredith, she has been installing an instrument she built to measure atmospheric concentrations of long-lived greenhouse gases.  Anita is a member of Ron Prinn's atmospheric chemistry group. [BLOG]


Kat Saad

The Air Up There - June 19, 2011 to july 29, 2011

Saad has just completed her first year as a graduate student and is attending the 2011 Student Airborne Research Program at NASA's Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility in Palmdate CA over the summer. A member of Ron Prinn's Group, Kat's research interests include atmospheric radiation, remote sensing and science policy. This blog documents her experiences at SARP durimg the 6 week program. [BLOG]


Andrew Davis

Adventures in Svalbard - June 18, 2011 to July 10, 2011

Davis is a graduate student in MIT's program for Computation for Design and Optimization (CDO). In PAOC he works with Patrick Heimbach on the sensitivity of ice sheets/shelves to changes in forcing parameters, such as basal friction, surface topography, or temperature.  This blog documents his trip to Svalbard, Norway while he participates in the 2011 International Polar Year Field School (IPY-FS) from the 18th June - 10th July, 2011.[personal BLOG], [Field School BLOG]

Andrea Burke

Corals in the Drake Passage - NBP11-03 Expedition 9th May - 11th June 2011

Did you know there are corals in Antarctica? Many people don't! The corals that live here survive in the most extreme conditions of any corals around the world. Between 9th May and 11th June 2011, the NBP11-03 expedition examines cold-water corals that straddle the Drake Passage, investigating the paleoclimate that has led to their present day biogeography - [exerpt]

MIT-WHOI Joint Program grad. student Andrea Burke participated in this month long project collecting and examining cold-water corals in the Antarctic. [BLOG]
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