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Congratulations to EAPS Class of 2019

Fri June 14th, 2019
EAPS Education Office

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June 2019

Doctoral Degrees


Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Stephanie Marie Brown Geology Timothy Grove Quantifying Melting and Chemical Differentiation Processes on Earth and the Moon
Sebastian Essink* Physical Oceanography Amala Mahadevan Lagrangian Dispersion and Deformation in Submesoscale Flows
Samuel James Levang* Physical Oceanography Raymond Schmitt The Response of Ocean Salinity Patterns to Climate Change: Implications for Circulation
Mingwei Li Atmospheric Chemistry Noelle Selin Impacts of Emission Policies in China on Air Pollution and Human Health
Saied Mighani Geophysics Brian Evans Some Rock Mechanics Problems with Application for Hydraulic Fracturing in Shale Gas Reservoirs
Cristina Schultz* Chemical Oceanography Scott Doney A Modeling Study of the Marine Biogeochemistry, Plankton Dynamics, and Carbon Cycle on the Continental Shelf off the West Antarctic Peninsula
Gualtiero Spiro Jaeger* Physical Oceanography Amala Mahadevan Stratified and Stirred: Monsoon Freshwater in the Bay of Bengal

Master's Degrees


Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Emilie Elizabeth Bowman Earth and Planetary Sciences Oliver Jagoutz North-South Variations in Structure, Topography, and Melting Regime along the Ultra-Slow Spreading Red Sea Ridge
Dylan Henry Cohen Earth and Planetary Sciences Richard Binzel From Research to Resource: Piloting Near-Earth Asteroids Through the Valley of Death
Brindha Kanniah Earth and Planetary Sciences Brent Minchew Deep Learning to Characterize Ice Stream Flow

Bachelor's Degrees


Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Haley A. Bates-Tarasewicz Earth and Planetary Sciences Benjamin Weiss Examining the Evidence for Chthonian Planets: Superdense Exposed Exoplanet Cores
Jordan T. Benjamin Earth and Planetary Sciences Susan Solomon Analyzing Recent Latitudinal and Seasonal Changes in Simulated Atmospheric Temperatures from a Global Chemistry-Climate Model
Megan M. Goodell Earth and Planetary Sciences Daniel Cziczo Field Measurements of Ice Nucleating Particles: Examining the Potential for Marine Sources
Jocelyn N. Reahl  Earth and Planetary Sciences Kristin Bergmann Linking Sedimentary Textures to Neoproterozoic Climate Dynamics
Apisada Chulakadabba Earth and Planetary Sciences Dara Entekhabi Water and Carbon Flux Responses to Soil Moisture Pulses in the Western United States
Emma G. Rutkowski  Earth and Planetary Sciences Noelle Selin Coastal Urban Mercury Cycling and Emissions in Boston, Massachusetts

February 2018


Doctoral Degrees


Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Cael Barry* Physical Oceanography Mick Follows Distributional Models of Ocean Carbon Export
Tom Beucler Atmospheric Science Timothy Cronin and Kerry Emanuel Interaction between Water Vapor, Radiation and Convection in the Tropics
Charoenpong Chawalit* Chemical Oceanography Scott D. Wankel The Production and Fate of Nitrogen Species in Deep-sea Hydrothermal Environments
Gregory Tsiang Ely Geophysics Alison Malcolm Applications of a Fast Helmholtz Solver in Exploration Seismology
Gabriela Aylin Farfan* Geochemistry Colleen Hansel The Mineralogy and Chemistry of Modern Shallow-water and Deep-sea Corals
Benjamin Klein Geology Oliver Jagoutz Processes and Rates of Arc Crust Growth and Differentiation in the Southern Sierra Nevada Crustal Section
Diamilet Perez-Betancourt Atmospheric Science Kerry Emanuel Formation and Maintenance of Tropical Cyclone Spiral Bands in Idealized Numerical Simulations
Tyler W. Rohr* Chemical Oceanography Scott Doney and David Nicholson Computational Analysis of Biophysical Controls on Southern Ocean Phytoplankton Ecosystem Dynamics

Master's Degrees


Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Laura Elizabeth Fleming* Earth and Planetary Sciences Young-Oh Kwon The Influence of Heat Transport on Arctic Amplification

September 2018


Doctoral Degrees


Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Camrin Donald Braun* Biological Oceanography Simon Thorrold Movements and Oceanographic Associations of Large Pelagic Fishes in the North Atlantic Ocean
Brian Marcus Green Climate Science John Marshall Coupling of the Intertropical Convergence Zone and the Hadley Cells to the Ocean's Circulation
Danielle Sarah Gruen* Biogeochemistry Greg Fournier Biogeochemical and Phylogenetic Signals of Proterozoic and Phanerozoic Microbial Metabolisms
Lauren Elizabeth Kipp* Chemical Oceanography Matthew A. Charette Radium Isotopes as Tracers of Boundary Inputs of Nutrients and Trace Elements to the Coastal and Open Ocean
Paul Edmond Lerner* Chemical Oceanography Olivier Marchal and Phoebe Lam Scavenging and Transport of Thorium Radioisotopes in the North Atlantic Ocean
Erik Anders Lindgren* Climate Physics and Chemistry R. Alan Plumb. Influence of Eddy-Eddy Interactions and Tropical Wind Variability on Sudden Stratospheric Warming Formation
Emily Deignan Matys* Geochemistry Roger Summons Environmental Controls on the Distribution of Bacterial Membrane Lipids
Michael James McClellan Atmospheric Science Ronald Prinn Estimating Regional Nitrous Oxide Emissions Using Isotopic Ratio Observations and a Bayesia

Master's Degrees


Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Warittha Panasawatwong Earth and Planetary Sciences Chien Wang Evaluating the Trend and Impact Factors of Southeast Asian Monsoon

* jointly by MIT-WHOI


Story Image: Photo by Christopher Hartin