PAOC Spotlights

Commencement 2022 - Congratulations to All EAPS Graduates

Fri May 27th, 2022
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Juliana Drozd Geoscience   Roger Summons Ecology, evolution, and carbonate precipitation
Lin Hou Atmospheres, Oceans & Climate   Mick Follows Quantification of Aggregate Formation in Prochlorococcus
Zoe Levitt Geoscience   Roger Fu (Harvard), Oliver Jagoutz Paleomagnetic Constraints on Assembly of the Superior Craton: Results from the 2.72-2.69 Ga Vermilion District of the Wawa Subprovince, MN
Christine Padalino Environmental Systems   Susan Solomon Evaluating the Time of Emergence of Heat Waves using Different Definitions
Elena Romashkova Environmental Systems   Jason Soderblom; Taylor Perron Analysis of Transient Fog Features on Titan
Amanda Vanegas Ledesma Atmospheres, Oceans & Climate   Daniel Rothman Nonlinear Amplification of Extreme Climate-Carbon Cycle Events
Lily Zhang Atmospheres, Oceans & Climate   Dara Entekhabi Evaporative Controls on Convective Adjustment: A Satellite-Based Assessment of Atmospheric Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE) During Surface Drydowns










* Denotes degree awarded jointly with the MIT-Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Joint Program




Elise Cutts Earth and Planetary Science   Tanya Bosak Marine carbohydrate-active enzymes illuminate microbial ecology, evolution, and carbonate precipitation
Timothy Getscher Physical Oceanography * Irina Rypina (WHOI) Observing and Quantifying Kinematic Properties and Lagrangian Coherent Structures of Ocean Flows using Drifter Experiments
Megan Guenther Earth and Planetary Science   Timothy L. Grove Origin of the Lunar Ultramafic Glasses Constrained by Experiments and Models
Kyle Kausch Physical Oceanography * Robert Todd (WHOI) Characterizing the Impact of Underwater Glider Observations on the Navy Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM) in the Gulf Stream Region
Peter Roemer Physical Oceanography * Sylvia Cole (WHOI) Stratification Dynamics in the Beaufort Gyre
Mathilde Wimez Geophysics   William Frank Systematic Exploration of a Volcanic Long-Period Earthquake Swarm with a Recursive Matched-Filter Search







* Denotes degree awarded jointly with the MIT-Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Joint Program


Lydia Babcock-Adams Chemical Oceanography * Dan Repeta (WHOI) Molecular Characterization of Organically Bound Copper in the Marine Environment
Eric Beauce Geophysics   Robert van der Hilst Analyzing the Collective Behavior of Earthquakes to Understand Fault Mechanisms Better
Santiago Benavides Atmospheric Science   Glenn Flierl Turbulence in Geophysics: From Rotating, Ionized Fluids to Sediment Transport
Henri Drake Physical Oceanography * Raffaele Ferrari Control of the Abyssal Ocean Overturning Circulation by Mixing-Driven Bottom Boundary Layers
Margaret Duffy Atmospheric Science   Paul O'Gorman An Energetic Perspective of the Tropical Atmosphere and Its Response to Climate Warming
Michaela Fendrock Marine Geology & Geophysics * David McGee Questions and Clarity: Insights from Applying Computational Methods to Paleoclimate Archives
Mara Freilich Physical Oceanography * Glenn Flierl, Amala Mahadevan (WHOI) Vertical Fluxes in the Upper Ocean
Samuel Goldberg Geology   Taylor Perron Climatic and Tectonic Controls on Continental River Systems
Joleen Heiderich Physical Oceanography * Robert Todd (WHOI) The Gulf Stream: Along-Stream Evolution of Volume Transport and Water Properties Observed by Underwater Gliders
Tianyi Huang Chemical Oceanography * Edward Boyle Investigating Chromium Cycling in Global Oxygen Deficient Zones with Chromium Isotopes
Riss Kellogg Chemical Oceanography * Makoto Sato (WHOI) Assessing the potential for zinc limitation of marine primary production: proteomic characterization of the low zinc stress response in marine diatoms
Jennifer Kenyon Chemical Oceanography * Ken Buesseler (WHOI) Anthropogenic and Natural Radioisotopes as Tracers for Contaminant Sources and Particulate Fluxes
Ziwei Li Atmospheric Science   Paul O'Gorman Understanding the Characteristics of Precipitation and Their Response to Climate Change
Jonathan Lin Atmospheric Science   Kerry Emanuel On Intraseasonal Variability in the Tropics: Tropical Cyclones, the Madden-Julian Oscillation, and Equatorial Waves
Sheron Luk Chemical Oceanography * Matthew Charette (WHOI) Constraining Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbances in the Delivery of Coastal Ecosystem Services
Shujuan Mao Geophysics   Robert van der Hilst Monitoring and Imaging Seismic Velocity Changes across Temporal and Spatial Scales
Harry Matchette-Downes Geophysics   Robert van der Hilst Some Studies on the Computation and Interpretation of Seismic Interface Waves and Modes in Earth’s Mantle
Clara Maurel Planetary Sciences   Benjamin Weiss Magnetic Properties of Iron Meteorites and Their Parent Bodies
Craig McLean Chemical Oceanography * Edward Boyle, Elizabeth Kujawinski (WHOI) Understanding how Nutrient Stress Distinguishes Phytoplankton Groups
Julia Middleton Chemical Oceanography * Tristan Horner (WHOI) Barium isotope cycling in the marine environment: Pathways of fractionation and implications for paleoceanographic applications
Astrid Pacini Physical Oceanography * Robert Pickart (WHOI) Structure, Variability, and Dynamics of the West Greenland Boundary Current System
Mallory Ringham Marine Geology & Geophysics * Zhaohui 'Aleck' Wang (WHOI) High resolution, in-situ studies of seawater carbonate chemistry and carbon cycling in coastal systems using Channelized Optical System II
Tajana Schneiderman Planetary Science   Sara Seager Probing planetary system histories via observations, experiments, and modelling of circumstellar gas and dust
Caue Sciascia Borlina Planetary Science   Benjamin Weiss Constraining Planetary Science Problems with Micro-Paleomagetism
Haitao Shang Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences   Daniel Rothman Theory and Evolutionary Evidence of the Autocatalytic Oxygenation of Earth's Surface Environment
William Shinevar Marine Geology & Geophysics * Oliver Jagoutz Inferring the Thermomechanical State of the Lithosphere Using Geophysical and Geochemical Observables
Rohini Shivamoggi Atmospheric Science   Kerry Emanuel Secondary Eyewall Formation as a Response to Evolving Tropical Cyclone Wind Structure
Eric Stansifer Climate Physics & Chemistry   Daniel Rothman Theory of the Growth and Shape of Laplacian Stream Networks
Maya Stokes Geology   Taylor Perron Dynamic Rivers Drive Landscape Change and Biological Evolution
Hongyu Sun Geophysics   Laurent Demanet Learning Seismic Waves for Imaging the Earth
Jeehyun Yang Geology, Geochemistry, Geobiology   William Green Experiment and Modeling Combined Kinetic Study of Bottom-up Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Formations