PAOC Spotlights

Commencement 2011

Fri June 3rd, 2011

It's June. MIT's grounds, already looking spotless thanks to the Insitute's 5 month long MIT 150 celebration and an army of grounds people, are just about perfect. The sun is shining in a clear blue sky. Everyone is smiling. Marquees have sprung up all over campus like so many mushrooms in the night. It's Commencement again.

Investiture of Doctoral Degree Hoods

Slide show from this year's Hooding Ceremony: at MIT, recipients of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of Science (ScD) degrees are invested with hoods. The "Investiture of Doctoral Degree Hoods" ceremony occurs on the day before Commencement.

Thursday, June 2nd saw the annual Investiture of Doctoral Degree Hoods Ceremony. Hoods for EAPS doctoral graduates were invested by Chancellor W. Eric L. Grimson aided by department head Maria Zuber . For the Hooding of graduates of the Joint Program with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Chancellor Grimson was joined by James A. Yoder, Vice president for academic programs and Dean, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Present to receive hoods were Martha Buckley, Jessie Kneeland, Alex Petroff, Brian Tang, and Jinbo Wang. The more extensive collection of photos from the event can be seen at the following link.

Slide show from thsi year's EAPS post-Comencement, graduate and alumni reception

The next day, following the morning's Commencement exercises, EAPS hosted its annual graduate and alumni reception. Along with doctoral graduates already listed were PAOC's bachelor graduates: Todd Mooring, John (Vince) Agard and Anastasia (Stacey) Maheras. The EAPS graduate and alumni reception is always a delicious and fun wrap-up to the academic year, providing, as it does the opportunity for graduates and their families and guests to meet and greet with EAPS faculty, staff, students and alumni. The larger collection of photos from the reception can be seen at the following link.

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