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Chaos at 50

Tue June 11th, 2013
Physics Today

Fifty years have passed since Edward Lorenz published his discovery of the surprising behavior we now know as chaos. With a simple, three-equation weather model, Lorenz demonstrated that even fully deterministic systems can behave in ways that are intrinsically unpredictable.

The May 2013 cover of Physics Today - Image courtesy:


In May 2013, a half century after Lorenz's ground-breaking 1963 paper Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow, the journal Physics Today published a retrospective piece marking Chaos's 50th birthday and elaborating on the ground breaking work of the MIT meteorologist who revealed deterministic predictability to be an illusion giving birth to a field that still thrives.

The cover - shown above - incorporates a simulation of one of the model’s iconic solutions—the Lorenz attractor—plotted as a trajectory in phase space. 

Read Chaos at Fifty from Physics Today PDF


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