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Can we stay? They are demonstrating the Coriolis Force!

Fri May 27th, 2011

May 7th, 2011 - Science Carnival at the Cambridge Public Library/ Cambridge Science Festival

Senior lecturer Lodovica Illari, aided by grad. students Ryan Abernathey and Dan Chavas were among many local scientists who participated at Saturday, May 7th's "Science Carnival", an all day event held at the Cambridge Public Library as part of this year's Cambridge Science Festival

Illari, Abernathey and Chavas demonstrated live laboratory experiments using rotating tanks of water, dyes and ice buckets to illustrate how weather systems are formed and climate operates. Read the PAOC news article "Can we stay? They are demonstrating the Coriolis Force!" here or simply enjoy a slideshow of pictures from the event taken by Ryan Abernathey.

Slideshow by Ryan Abernathey