PAOC Spotlights

Between the Beach and the Deep Blue Sea

Thu November 10th, 2011
Rachel Horwitz, MIT-WHOI Joint Program

On a cold winter day, MIT/ WHOI graduate student Rachel Horwitz boarded the WHOI coastal research vessel Tioga to retrieve instruments that had been placed off Martha's Vineyard to study the dynamics of the shallow inner shelf, a gateway region that connects the beach to deeper parts of the ocean. (Photo by Rachel Horwitz, MIT/WHOI Joint Program)Anything travelling from the shoreline to the ocean and vice versa - water, fish larvae, sand, pollutants - must go through the shallow inner shelf, which connects the beach to the deep ocean. Writing in a recent Oceanus article, physical oceanography graduate student Rachel Horwitz, describes the fieldwork her research involves and the impact of her findings on what is known about how sediments are transported in near-coastal waters. Rachel is a physical oceanography student in th MIT-WHOI Joint Program. Her advisor is Steve Lentz at WHOI.

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