Zhen Wu

Zhen Wu Postdoctoral Associate zhenwu@mit.edu 54-1515
PhD in Environmental Science, Peking University, China (2013-2018), BA in Environmental Science, Peking University, China (2009-2013)
Research Description
I am a biogeochemist interested in the mechanisms of interactions between marine ecosystem and physical and biogeochemical processes in the ocean, mainly focusing on the functional and taxonomic biogeography of phytoplankton in the ocean. Phytoplankton is the primary producer in the ocean. They perform photosynthesis and produce the organic material that supports most life in the ocean. They also control a large store of carbon dioxide in the ocean. However, the patterns of phytoplankton in the ocean and the interactions between phytoplankton and carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycles are still not clearly understood. To advance my research, I am involved in developing and using numerical models and simple theoretical frameworks, guided by observed data. Just before arriving at MIT. I got my PhD degree at Peking University, China. I studied biogeochemical dynamics especially nutrient cycling in lakes using a model-based N:P stoichiometric approach. I found strong interactions between phytoplankton and nutrient cycles.
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