Wanying Kang

Wanying Kang Current EAPS Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow (Lorenz-Houghton Fellow) | Assistant Professor July 1, 2022 wanying@mit.edu 54-1517
PhD - Applied Mathematics School of Engineering - Harvard University, Physics Peking University
Research Description
Wanying Kang is co-advised by Prof. John Marshall and Prof. Sara Seager as an EAPS Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow. Her research focuses on the atmospheric dynamics on Earth and on other planetary bodies. During her PhD, she has explored the dynamic teleconnection between the tropical Madden-Julian Oscillation and the breaking of the polar vortex, which provides implications for extreme weathers in future warmer climate. Meanwhile, she investigated the climate on high obliquity aquaplanets (a type of planets with their rotation axes pointed toward the host star) and made predictions that these planets would be in general warmer regardless of the existence of ice, which, together with other dynamic reasons, leads to a stratosphere that is orders of magnitude moister. These findings may have important implications for habitability and observation. Kang holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University and an undergraduate degree in Physics from Peking University. In a long term, her major goal is to build up fundamental understandings of the atmospheric/oceanic dynamics on Earth and other planetary bodies, taking numerical simulations as a vehicle, and to find potentially observable consequences through the collaborations with other groups in EAPS. In a short term, as she tries to find observables for atmospheric circulation on exoplanets, she will start looking into the atmospheric circulation on the superhot lava worlds and the ocean circulation on icy moons, given the potential to observe them in more details in the near future.
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•     Harvard University Distinction in Teaching award, Spring semester 2018 •    Outstanding Student Paper Award, American Geophysical Union, 2017 •     First Prize (4th place), 'Jiang Zehan' Cup Numerical Modeling Tournament , China, 2013 •    Twice awarded the merit student prize, Peking University (PKU), 2012 and 2013 •    Twice awarded Weiming Undergrad. Physicist Scholarship (5000 CNY), PKU,2012 and 2013 •    The Tung OOCL Scholarship (6000 CNY, sponsored by Tung Foundation and Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd.), PKU, 2013 •     Awarded the Seagull Scholarship (6000 CNY), PKU, 2012 •    Weiming Elite Undergraduate Scientist funding (100,000CNY), PKU, 2011 •     First Prize, Physics Competition for Undergraduates in China, 2011 •     Bronze Prize, International Young Physicists Tournament, Austria, 2010 •     No.1 in Physics Olympic Competition, Tianjin Province, 2009. (1/>100,000 students) •     Silver Prize, Physics Olympic Competition China Final, 2009.
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