Sheron Luk

Sheron Luk Graduate Student 508 289 3532 WHOI Campus
B.A. in Environmental Science at Barnard College, Columbia University, B.A. in Economics at Barnard College, Columbia University
Bio and Interests
I began my journey towards a PhD in Chemical Oceanography at the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in the Fall of 2016. I'm interested in seeking interdisciplinary solutions to the adverse impacts a changing climate will have on coastal ecosystems and communities. Focusing on our very own Buzzards Bay, I conducted research with Dr. Scott Doney to understand the influences of coastal water quality on the economic value of recreational shellfishing. Currently, I study the biogeochemistry of salt marshes with Dr. Amanda Spivak to explore how the spatial heterogeneity of carbon burial within these ecosystems impact global salt marsh carbon storage estimates. My focus on coastal biogeochemistry stems from the fact that coastal ecosystems - a direct interface between the ocean and human populations - provide a wealth of ecosystem services to our communities.