Sarah Rosengard

Sarah Rosengard
Graduate Student
WHOI - Clark 461
Bio and Interests

Sarah Rosengard grew up in Queens, New York City. Having studied environmental science at Brown University, RI, Sarah has chosen to study chemical oceanography because "I am very interested in climate change, and wanted to further learn about the role of ocean chemistry in both controlling and responding to our planet's climate. In addition, I hope to explore how the ocean/earth sciences can be applied and communicated to human interests and adaptation to climate change. I can't say that I know the actual path graduate school will take me, but I think that's the point in being in such a diverse community of earth scientists".

As for hobbies, Sarah likes experimenting with cooking, occasionally roller-blading, Harry Potter, and, she says, she really likes Brazil ("If I had the time and money, I would make it a hobby of going there!") Ever since she was 9 years old, Sarah was under the impression that she was allergic to chocolate, but via a recently lost bet, has discovered that (presumably with no little delight) she can eat it again. A pescatarian, she will however eat meet when travelling to other countries. Although she plans to do most of her research at WHOI, she will be living in Cambridge this year. Sarah's advisor is Phoebe Lam, WHOI.