Ru Chen

Ru Chen
(858) 822-1545
309 Nierenberg Hall, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
B.S. in Marine Science, June 2006, Ocean University of China,Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography, Feb. 2013, MIT-WHOI Joint Program (PhD co-advisers: Profs. Carl Wunsch and Glenn Flierl)
Bio and Interests

My current research interests are dynamics and consequences of oceanic eddies, striations' origin, amplitude and consequences, stirring and mixing processes, energy cascades, fundamental geophysical fluid dynamics, and marginal seas. I use Lagrangian floats, high-resolution global models in the context of observations and idealized theoretical models to tackle these exciting problems.
From Jan. 2013 to present, I work as a post-doctoral scholar at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, focusing on the stirring and mixing processes by eddies.
From the year 2010 to 2012, I worked on my Ph.D dissertation (available at, which is about (1) striations' origin, amplitude and consequences in mixing and energy cycle, and (2) local vs. non-local eddy-mean flow interaction. I also investigated the temporal characteristics of energy cascades as a side project during this time period (manuscript in revision).
Projects I worked on before the year 2010 are the Red Sea wind jets (published on Geophysical Research Letters), the origin of the eastern boundary current in the Red Sea (presented in the 2010 Ocean Sciences meeting, available at, and mechanisms for the SST anomaly persistence (published on Oceanologia Et Limnologia Sinica).

Internal Advisors