Paul O'Gorman

Paul O'Gorman Professor 617 452 3382 54-1712
Ph.D., Aeronautics (minor Applied Mathematics), California Institute of Technology, 2004 , M.Sc., High Performance Computing, Trinity College Dublin, 1999 , B.A., Theoretical Physics, Trinity College Dublin, 1998
Bio and Interests
Paul O’Gorman’s research interests are in the large-­scale dynamics of the atmosphere, the hydrological cycle, moist convection, and climate change. Recent work has focused on the response of precipitation extremes to climate change, the intensity of extra-tropical storm tracks, and the difference in warming between tropical oceans and land areas. He earned his PhD in aeronautics with a minor in applied mathematics in 2004 at the California Institute of Technology. He also holds an MSc in High-­Performance Computing and a BA in Theoretical Physics from Trinity College, Dublin. He joined the MIT faculty in 2008.
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Teaching Prize, MIT School of Science (2018) | Victor P. Starr Career Development Chair, MIT (2010-2013) | Minchin Prize for Mathematics and Physics, Trinity College Dublin (1997)