Jimmy Gasore

Jimmy Gasore Graduate Student jimmy11@mit.edu 617 253 2321 54-1326
Doctorate Candidate, Atmospheric Sciences, MIT, 2016, B.S. Physics, National University of Rwanda, 2008
Bio and Interests
While my interests in Atmospheric Science remain broad, I am particularly interested in greenhouse gases emissions estimation and urban air pollution. I believe that more accurate emissions estimation and improved understanding of drivers of urban air pollution will lead to better global and national climate change mitigation policies and better management of urban air pollution.  I celebrate the multidisciplinary nature of Atmospheric Sciences through field works and chemical transport modeling with a strong inclination to advanced mathematical techniques. Current Research "Quantifying Emissions of Carbon Dioxide and Methane in the Greater Horn of Africa Through High Frequency Measurements and a New Approach to Model Uncertainty Quantification" We are currently setting up a new high frequency greenhouse gases monitoring station in Rwanda under the AGAGE Network. The Climate observatory is currently located at Mount Mugogo in the Northern Province of Rwanda but is expected to move atop Mount Kalisimbi (4507m) in the future after testing the instruments and training local technicians at a much lower and accessible altitude of Mount Mugogo (2500 m). The Rwanda Climate Observatory is the only high frequency greenhouse gases monitoring station on the African continent, it is expected to uniquely contribute to the understanding of global carbon budget especially the land-atmosphere exchange as well as improving the understanding of regional greenhouse gases emissions in the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA, Central and Eastern Africa). I will use the observed mole fractions of CO2 and CH4 to estimate the emissions (and sinks) of these two gases in the GHA through a Bayesian inverse modeling combining an global three-dimensional eulerian model with a lagrangian particle dispersion model.
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