Daniel Gilford

Daniel Gilford Graduate Student dgilford@mit.edu 54-1711
B.S. Meteorology from The Florida State University (2012)
Bio and Interests
Daniel Gilford has been interested in atmospheric science since he watched strong winds from Hurricane Jean (2004) split a tree in half behind his childhood home. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology from The Florida State University in 2012. While studying at FSU, Daniel was undergraduate researcher at the Center for Ocean Atmospheric Prediction Studies investigating ENSO’s impacts on southeast US climate. Daniel has won several awards including the Hollings Scholarship, the AMS Graduate Fellowship, and the NASA Earth Space and Science Fellowship. He is currently a 5th year graduate student working with Susan Solomon at MIT. Daniel’s recent studies include chemical/radiative linkages in the tropical tropopause layer, connections between sea level rise and short-lived climate pollutants, and stratospheric influences on tropical cyclones.
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