C. Adam Schlosser

C. Adam Schlosser Senior Research Scientist casch@mit.edu 617 253 3983 E19-411k
Ph.D., University of Maryland , M.S., University of Maryland , B.S., University of Massachusetts
Bio and Interests
Adam Schlosser is interested in land-climate Interactions, the global water cycle, land biogeochemistry, arctic processes, and regional climate change (uncertainty and extremes). His primary interests are the modeling and prediction of global hydrologic, ecologic, and biogeochemical change using the MIT’s Integrated Global Systems Model (IGSM) that includes model development of its terrestrial component – the Global Land System (GLS). Other research endeavors work to improve our observational capabilities for monitoring, understanding and predicting the Earth’s global water and energy cycles, and currently serves as a member of the NASA Energy and Water Cycle Study (NEWS) Science Integration Team. Current collaborative research activities include the study of extreme precipitation events and associating their potential changes to shifts in climate regimes, the fate of the arctic permafrost under potential climate warming and subsequent impacts on its biogeochemistry and trace-gas emissions, and climate-water issues on adaptation. A Senior Research Scientist in the Center for Global Change Science since 2014, Schlosser also serves as the Assistant Director of Research for the Joint Program at MIT.
Charles Fant, C. Adam Schlosser, Xiang Gao, Kenneth Strzepek, John Reilly (2016), Projections of Water Stress Based on an Ensemble of Socioeconomic Growth and Climate Change Scenarios: A Case Study in Asia, PLOS ONE, Published: March 30, 2016, doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0150633

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