Brandon Allen

Brandon Allen Postdoctoral Associate 54-1624
PhD in Experimental Particle Physics -- MIT 2019, BS in Physics and Mathematics -- University of Florida, Gainesville 2014
Research Description
Brandon Allen is a postdoctoral associate in the Ferrari group working on ocean modeling. During graduate school, his interests shifted away from elementary particle physics towards addressing how humanity can adapt to the challenges posed by anthropogenic climate change. Specifically, he is interested in improving regional scale modeling so that cities can assess the risks of climate-related hazards and implement resilient infrastructure to mitigate damage. Towards this end, he is contributing to the computational core of a state-of-the-art global climate model as part of the Climate Modeling Alliance. The focus of his work is implementing discontinuous Galerkin methods to improve modeling of the ocean and exploiting the latest advances in high performance computing hardware using the Julia programming language.
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