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October 18 2018
October 23 2018
WiXII Career Exploration Night 54-100/54-915 | 4pm-6pm 4:30PM: Career Talks, Room 54-100 5:30PM: Career "Booths" and Reception, 54-915
October 24 2018
SLS: Max Popp 12pm-1pm Title: Convective Organization, Clouds and ITCZs Abstract: In this talk I will show how different diabatic effects in the atmosphere can substantially affect the structure of zonal-mean precipitation...
October 25 2018
October 26 2018
October 26 2018
EAPS Family Weekend Reception MIT, 54-923 | Ida Green Lounge | 3pm-4pm Meet department faculty, staff, and students, and learn about your student's major or prospective field of study.
October 29 2018
November 1 2018
November 5 2018
November 7 2018
DLS: Magali Billen (UC Davis) 54-918 | 4pm-5pm Deep earthquake triggering limited by rate of slab deformation in the transition zoneDeep earthquakes occur in cold, subducting lithosphere at depths of 350--700 km, coincident with a series of minera...
November 8 2018
November 14 2018
Elizabeth Sibert (Harvard) 12pm-1pm Title: A history from the bottom of the sea: Fish, Microfossils, Marine Ecosystems, and Global Change Short Abstract: Ray-finned fishes are the most diverse group of vertebrates on the planet today, ...
November 14 2018
DLS: Whitney Behr (ETH Zurich) 4pm-5pm Constraints from exhumed rocks on the mechanical behavior of the deep subduction interfaceHost: Matej Pec
November 15 2018
November 21 2018
November 22 2018
No Faculty Lunch 12pm-1pm
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