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October 23 2019
SLS: John D. Steffen (MIT/WHOI) 12pm-1pm Upper-ocean response to precipitation forcing in an ocean model hindcast of Hurricane Gonzalo
October 23 2019
DLS - Mary Ann Moran Green Building, Green Bldg, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA | 4pm-5pm Metabolites of the Marine Carbon and Sulfur CyclesAbstract:Marine microbes interface through the exchange of organic molecules that function variously as substrates, co-factors, and signals, and these...
October 25 2019
October 28 2019
October 29 2019
MIT Climate Symposium: Challenges in Climate Policy 4pm-7pm https://climate.mit.edu/symposia During the 2019-20 academic year, MIT will host six symposia to examine the urgent challenge of climate change. This series will draw upon our work to date on the Oc...
October 30 2019
November 4 2019
November 5 2019
DLS Lecture 4pm-5pm Speaker: Laura Crossey
November 6 2019
November 6 2019
DLS - Yuliya Troitskaya Green Building, Green Bldg, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA | 4pm-5pm
November 7 2019
Faculty Workshop Room 54-915 | 12pm-1pm
November 8 2019
COG3 Seminar Series (TBA) E25-119 | 10am-11am
November 12 2019
Special Lecture: Joseph L. Kirschvink Building 46 (Room 3189) | 4pm-5pm Human Magnetoreception: Tests of magnetite-based transductionJoseph L. Kirschvink https://maglab.caltech.edu Caltech, Division of Geological and Planetary SciencesNico and Marilyn Van Wingen Pr...
November 13 2019
November 13 2019
DLS - Paula Welander 54-915 (Ida Green Lounge) | 4pm-5pm Linking the genomic and geologic records: How modern microbes produce ancient lipids
November 14 2019
John H. Carlson Lecture: Deep Sea Corals and Their Climate Secrets New England Aquarium, 1 Central Wharf, Boston, MA 02110, USA | 7pm-9pm Speaker: Laura F. Robinson (University of Bristol)
November 15 2019
November 20 2019
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