Sack Lunch Seminar (SLS) - Gianluca Meneghello (MIT)
Date Time Location
March 29th, 2023 12:00pm-1:00pm 54-915 and https://mit.zoom.us/j/96062877979
Title: The Dynamics of the Arctic Ocean

Abstract: The Arctic Ocean is one of the fastest changing and least understood environments on the planet. It is also a crucial element of the global climate system. Yet, predicting the future of this high-latitude ocean presents challenges. Many of the processes regulating its evolution are still poorly understood and, as a consequence, the Arctic is one the largest sources of uncertainty in climate projections.
In this talk I will discuss how my research leverages observations and reduced-order models to investigate the dynamical balance regulating the Arctic’s large-scale circulation and mesoscale turbulence field. At the large scale, I will show how the feedback between sea-ice drift and surface currents plays a central, previously unappreciated role in modulating the momentum transfer between the atmosphere and the ocean. At the mesoscale, I will show how the interplay between sea-ice and stratification leads to the peculiar subsurface intensification of the Arctic's eddy kinetic energy. I will then outline the implications of my research for modeling the future evolution of the Arctic Ocean. I will conclude by reviewing how my results can inform new parameterizations for climate models, and contribute to reducing the uncertainty of regional and global climate projections.

About this Series: The Atmospheres, Ocean and Climate Sack Lunch Seminar Series is an informal seminar series within PAOC that focuses on more specialized topics than the PAOC Colloquium. Seminar topics include all research concerning the science of atmospheres, ocean and climate. The seminars usually take place on Wednesdays from 12-1pm. The presentations are either given by an invited speaker or by a member of PAOC and can focus on new research or discussion of a paper of particular interest. Contact: sacklunch-committee@mit.edu for more information and Zoom password