The Climate Modeling Initiative is an open-source collaborative based at MIT which has developed a modeling infrastructure for the study of the atmosphere, ocean and climate of the Earth.



CMI focuses on a set of core development activities in both forward and backward (inverse) modeling. An approach that emphasises modeling hierarchies is being pursued, bridging from simple to complex, but based on a common set of modeling tools. This demands innovation in algorithms, computation and numerics. Our goal is the development of highly scalable, flexible and easy to use models designed to address key questions in earth and planetary science.

The main development thrust of CMI is the MIT General Circulation Model (MITgcm). Over many years, researchers in CMI have extended MITgcm to embrace an increasingly wide range of modeling challenges in: atmospheres, oceans, the cryosphere, biogeochemical cycles, ocean ecology and the coupling together of all these processes.