MASS - Past Speakers

Below is a record of all MASS seminar talks and their authors from Fall 2004 to Fall 2009. More recent talks (since 2010) are being archived here.

FALL 2009

Roberto RondanelliMITSST-dependence of tropical cirrus clouds and consequences for the Early Earth
Cegeon ChanMITResponse to Stratospheric Forcing and Its Dependence on the State of the Troposphere: an Observational Perspective
Hiroki YamamotoKyoto UniversityAxisymmetric steady solutions in an idealized model of atmospheric general circulations: Hadley circulation and super-rotation
Yong-Sang Choi MITOn the observational determination of climate sensitivity
Udaya BhaskarMITAerosol cloud interactions: A new perspective in precipitation enhancement
David NeelinUCLAThe transition to strong convection -- Rethinking convective quasi-equilibrium
Brian Tang MITMid-level ventilation's constraint on tropical cyclone intensity
Scot RafkinSWRIPositive Radiative-Dynamic Feedback Between Atmospheric Dust Disturbances and the Surface of Mars
David Bacon SAIC

Global to Local Geophysical Fluid Dynamics using Adaptive Unstructured Grids

Erwan MonierMITClimatology and Trends in the Wave Forcing of the Stratospheric Zonal-Mean Flow and Ozone Transport in the ERA-40
Gill-Ran JeongMITClimate effects of seasonally varying biomass burning carbonaceous aerosols
Tim EichlerSt. Louis Univ. The Climatology and Interannual Variability of Storm Tracks: Observations and Models
Bob HartFSUTropical cyclones as thieves of winter or climate's puppets?
Sukyoung LeePSUFinite-Amplitude Equilibration of Baroclinic Waves on a Jet
Erika BarthSWRICloud Microphysics and Convection in Titan's Atmosphere
Ann Marie CarltonEPATo What Extent Can Biogenic SOA be Controlled?
Mike PrevidiColumbia/LDEORadiative Feedbacks on Global Precipitation



Cegeon Chan (MIT) - Stratospheric Influences on the Troposphere

David Thompson (CSU) - Understanding 20th century global-mean surface temperature variability

Sai Ravela (MIT) - The Planet in a Bottle Project: From Least Squares to Most Information

Paul Kushner (Univ. of Toronto) - Stratospheric influence on the tropospheric response to climate perturbations

Judah Cohen (AER) - AO impacts on winter climate

Bo Yang (MIT) - Asymmetric Structures and Tropical Cyclone Intensity

George Bryan (NCAR) - The maximum intensity of numerically simulated tropical cyclones

Jonathon Wright (Columbia) - Tropical deep convection and upper tropospheric water vapor variability: A view from satellites

Catherine Rio (Meteo-France/CNRS) - Parameterization of boundary layer thermals and of their impact on the diurnal cycle of deep convection and clouds in a large-scale model

Jeffery Hollingsworth (NASA Ames Research Center) - Mars' Weather and Climate: Large-Scale Topographic Effects

Sarah Kang (Princeton) - The response of tropical precipitation to extratropical thermal forcing

Sanjay Limaye (University of Wisconsin - Madison) - Venus Atmospheric Ciruclation

Noelle Eckley Selin (MIT) - Global Impacts of Air Pollution: Mercury, Ozone, and Particulate Matter

Yong-Sang Choi (MIT) - Presence of supercooled clouds in the very cold atmosphere

Kyle Swanson (Univ. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee) - Objective identification of climate signals?

Drew Shindell (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies) - Climate Sensitivity to Forcing Location (and Implications for Warming Mitigation)

Doug Gillham (Mississippi State University) - Winter Weather Forecasting: Utilizing Forecast Soundings to Predict Precipitation Type and Snow to Liquid Ratios

Yang Zhang (MIT) - Baroclinic eddy equilibration under specified seasonal forcing

Matt Rigby (MIT) - Renewed growth of atmospheric methane, and the relentless rise of sulfur hexafluoride

FALL 2008

Chris Davis (NCAR) - Little Whirls Making Bigger Whirls: Mesoscale Vortices from Moist Convection

Ka-Kit Tung (University of Washington) - On Earth's puzzling response to the variable sun

Olga Sergienko (Portland State University) - Ice sheet modeling 101: concepts, approaches, problems

Jon Moskaitis (MIT) - Predictability and probabilistic prediction of tropical cyclone intensity

Noboru Nakamura (Univ. of Chicago) - Quantifying large-scale eddies in the atmosphere: theory and observation

David Romps (Harvard) - The atmospheric heat engine: insights from the entropy budget

Jessica Neu (UC Irvine) - Cloud processes in global chemistry models

David Randall (CSU) - What is the Madden-Julian Oscillation?

Mike Wong (UC Berkeley) - Red Spot Jr. and Jupiter's Global Upheaval

Aviva Braun (Penn St) - A Comparison between South Atlantic and Tasman Sea Subtropical Storms

Dan Gombos (MIT) - Ensemble Regression: Using ensemble model output for atmospheric dynamics and forecasting


Matt Alvarado (MIT) - Formation of ozone and growth of aerosols in young smoke plumes from biomass burning

Jeffrey Pierce (Carnegie Mellon) - Ultrafine atmospheric aerosol, clouds and climate

Vikram Khade (MIT) - Techniques for accounting and reduction of model error in ensemble-based filters

Fuqing Zhang (Texas A&M) - Predictability of Severe Weather at the Mesoscales

Brian Farrell (Harvard) - A New Perspective on Baroclinic Adjustment

Greg Holland (NCAR) - Hurricane Response to Climate Fluctuations and Trends

Seok-woo Son (Columbia) - Southern Hemisphere Westerlies in the Future Climate: Interpretation with a Simple AGCM and Results of Chemistry-Climate Models

Paul O'Gorman (MIT) - Precipitation and Extratropical Storms in Changed Climates

Adam Showman (Univ. of Arizona) - Jets on Giant Planets

Robert McGraw (Brookhaven National Laboratory) - Kinetic Potential and Barrier Crossing: A New Model for Drizzle Formation

Dargan Frierson (Univ. of Washington) - Studies of the General Circulation of the Atmosphere with a Simplified Moist GCM

Xue Xiao (MIT) - Optimal Estimation of the Surface Fluxes of Chloromethanes using a 3-D Chemical Transport Model

Isla Simpson (Imperial College) - Solar influence on tropospheric circulation via the stratosphere

David Lorenz (Univ. of Wisconsin) - The Poleward Shift of the Jet Stream and the Summertime Drying and Warming of the Mid-Latitude Continents under Global Warming

Sharan Majumdar (Univ. of Miami) - Deconstructing ensemble-based adaptive sampling methods for medium-range weather forecasts

William Stockwell (Howard University) - Closing the Loop Between Biological and Natural Emissions,Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate

Caspar Ammann (NCAR) - Climate of the last millennium: where we are and where we are going in reconstructing it

FALL 2007

Elke Hodson (MIT) - Seasonal variability of CFC 11, 12, 113, 1,1,1 trichloroethane, and methane concentrations in a municipal solid waste landfill

David Nolan (Univ. of Miami) - Environmental controls of tropical cyclone formation as seen in high resolution simulations

Olivier Pauluis (New York University) - Available potential energy in a moist atmosphere

Edwin Gerber (Columbia University) - Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling:The Importance of Stationary Planetary Waves

Bill Boos (MIT) - Abrupt onset of monsoon circulations by wind-evaporation feedback

Alfonso Saiz-Lopez (NASA JPL) - Iodine: The missing halogen of polar tropospheric chemistry

Nili Harnik (Tel Aviv University) - A buoyancy-vorticity wave interaction approach to stratified shear flow

Olivia Martius (ETH Zurich) - Breaking synoptic-scale Rossby waves in the tropopause region

Judah Cohen (MIT / AER) - Advances in Seasonal Forecasting: Siberian snow cover more important than ENSO?

Larissa Back (Univ. of Washington / MIT) - Towards an improved understanding of climatological deep convection patterns over the tropical oceans

Chris Bretherton (Univ. of Washington) - Have we learned anything about climate feedbacks in the last twenty years?

Anatoli Bogdan (University of Helsinki) - A new factor enhancing the greenhouse effect?

Robert Korty (Texas A&M) - A climatology of the tropospheric thermal stratification using saturation potential vorticity

Geoffrey Vallis (Princeton University) - GFD and climate: experiments with a coupled atmosphere-ocean model

Peter Simmonds (University of Bristol) - From Simple Beginnings to Long-Term Observations of Atmospheric Trace Gases: 'The good, the bad and the sometimes perplexing'


Annica Ekman (Stockholm University) - The Effect of Aerosol Composition and Concentration on the Development and Anvil Properties of a Continental Deep Convective Cloud

Valerio Lucarini (University of Camerino, Italy) - Intercomparison of IPCC Climate Models

Phil Rasch - Geo-Engineering Climate Change with Sulfate Aerosol

Michela Biasutti (Lamont-Doherty/Columbia) - Climate Change in the Sahel

Wojciech Grabowski (NCAR) - Optical properties of shallow convective clouds: observations and modeling

Masa Sugiyama (MIT) - Nonlinear moisture modes in the tropics

Sara Seager (MIT) - Extrasolar Planet Atmospheres

Daniel Kirshbaum (Yale) - The triggering of orographic rainbands by small-scale terrain

Peng Xian (Columbia) - Abrupt Seasonal Migration of the ITCZ into the Summer Hemisphere

Paul O'Gorman (Cal Tech) - Towards a theory of how much it rains: the hydrological cycle over a wide range of climates

Elke Weber (Columbia University) - Better Decision Making Under Climate Uncertainty: Lessons from Psychology

Tapio Schneider (Cal Tech) - Jet Formation and Superrotation on Gas Giant Planets

Tom Knutson (GFDL) - Simulation of changes in seasonal Atlantic hurricane activity

Michael Ring (MIT) - NA

FALL 2006

Jim Hansen (MIT) - The joy of covariance

Alexander Khain (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) - Aerosol effects on cloud microphysics and dynamics (with application to tropical cyclones)

Lorraine Remer (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) - Characterizing global aerosol from the MODIS satelite sensor

Jessie Cherry (University of Alaska - Fairbanks) - Acceleration of the Arctic Water Cycle: evidence from the Lena Basin, Siberia

Arthur Hou (NASA Goddard) - Precipitation measurement from space: Why do we need it?

Chris Sherratt (MIT Libraries) - Reference databases & bibliography tools for ocean & atmospheric science

Gregory Cushman (U. Kansas) - The Colonial Politics of Hurricane Prediction, 1870-1900: From Havana to Manila to Galveston

Amy Frappier (Boston College) - Advances in high-resolution paleotempestology: Seasonal tropical cyclone activity records from tropical caves and temperate forests

Dave Thompson (Colorado State University) - Understanding recent stratospheric climate change

Alan Betts (Atmospheric Research) - Analyzing the land-cloud-atmosphere interaction

Matthew Peters (Harvard) - Relationships between the strength, vertical structure and width of ITCZs

Sukyoung Lee (Penn State) - The Relationship Between the Time-Mean Flow and the Low-Frequency Flow Variability

Chien Wang (MIT) - Anthropogenic Aerosols and Tropical Precipitation

Gang Chen (Princeton) - Mechanisms of the Latitudinal Shift of Surface Westerlies With Surface Friction and the Implication for the Recent Trend in the Southern Hemisphere Surface Westerlies

Athanasios Nenes (Georgia Tech) - How can in-situ observations constrain and improve modeling of aerosol indirect effects?


Arnico Panday (MIT) - The Diurnal Cycle and Ventilation of Air Pollution in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Louis Uccellini (NCEP) - NCEP Update: Review of Progress in Operational Weather, Climate and Ocean Forecasts

Larisa Goncharenko (MIT Haystack Observatory) - Variations in lower thermospheric dynamics at midlatitudes during geomagnetically quiet and geomagnetically disturbed periods

Rob Griffin (University of New Hampshire) - Chemical and Optical Characterization of Summer Atmospheric Aerosol in and near the Gulf of Maine

Daniel Keyser (SUNY Albany) - Cool-Season Regime Transition and its Impact on Northeast Precipitation

Betty Pun (Atmospheric and Environmental Research) - Air Quality Simulations: From Case Studies to Integrated Modeling

FALL 2005

David Schultz (University of Oklahoma/NOAA) - Contraction Rate and its Relationship to Frontogenesis, the Lyapunov Exponent, Fluid Trapping, and Airstream Boundaries

Ed Olenic (NOAA) - Recent developments in climate forecasting and new products

Huug van den Dool (NOAA) - Consolidation of multiple seasonal forecast tools & the role of long term trends in seasonal forecasts

Natalie Mahowald (NCAR) - Mineral Aerosols. Climate, and Biogeochemistry

Kerry Emanuel (MIT) - What does current scientific research have to say about the present and future risks associated with hurricanes?

Renyi Zhang (Texas A&M) - Atmospheric Aerosols: Formation, Aging, and Interaction with Cloud-Climate

William Lau (NASA Goddard) - Aerosol-Water Cycle Interaction: A New Challenge in Monsoon Climate Research

Zhiming Kuang (Harvard) - Convectively coupled equatorial waves

Dudley Shallcross (University of Bristol) - Gas-phase kinetic and mechanistic studies of DMS oxidation and the ozonolysis of alkenes using a novel discharge-flow system coupled with a UV-PES spectrometer

Dudley Shallcross (University of Bristol) - The London DAPPLE (Dispersion and Penetration of Pollutants into the Local Environment) project

Pablo Zurita-Gotor (GFDL) - A forced-dissipative look at baroclinic adjustment: Why it is so hard to change the slope of the extratropical isentropes?


Rob Korty (MIT) - The Evolution of Winter Stratospheric Temperatures in the Presence of a Weak Surface Temperature Gradient

Leo Donner (GFDL) - Convective Mass Fluxes, Heating, and Transport from the Perspective of their Parameterization in General Circulation Models

Gidon Eshel (University of Chicago) - Empirical Day-to-Day Predictability of Northern Hemisphere PV

Eugenia Kalnay (University of Maryland) - Coupled Bred Vectors for ENSO Ensemble Forecasting and Data Assimilation

Ray Pierrehumbert (University of Chicago) - The Hadley Cell Revisited

David Vallee (NWS) - Aspects of Mesoscale Banding In A Fast Moving Snowstorm of February 6-7, 2003

John Foster (MIT Haystack) - Haystack Observatory Observations of Space Weather Storm Fronts over the Americas

Irene Moroz (Oxford University) - A simplified model of the Martian atmosphere

Isidoro Orlanski (GFDL) - A new look at the Pacific storm track variability: Sensitivity to tropical SST and to upstream seeding

Manjula Canagaratna (Aerodyne Research, Inc.) - Chemical and Microphysical Characterization of Aerosols via Aerosol Mass Spectrometry

Brian Soden (U Miami) - Climate sensitivity and the atmospheric hydrological cycle

FALL 2004

David Raymond (New Mexico Tech) - What Have we Learned From EPIC2001?

David Nolan (U Miami) - Mechanics and Efficiency of Tropical Cyclone Intensification

Lee E. Branscome (Climatological Consulting Corporation) - Risk and Opportunity in Private Sector Meteorology

Brian Mapes (CIRES/NOAA) - Mesoscale wind divergence associated with tropical convection

Bill Hooke (AMS) - Policy considerations for the atmospheric and related sciences

Yan Feng (University of Michigan) - Modeling of Nitrate and Ammonium Aerosols in a Global Aerosol-Chemistry Model

Nikki Prive (MIT) - What determines the location of the monsoon?