Houghton Lecture History

Since Houghton Lectures were first organised in the fall of 1995, over 2 dozen scientists from all over the world and a wide range of different disciplines within the fields of Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate have visited and shared their expertise with our members. Below is a record of all those who have spent time with us in the Green Building.

Henry Houghton served for 25 years as Head of the Department of Meteorology (predecessor of what has become the Program in Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate).  

During that long period, the Department established an unsurpassed standard of excellence in these fields. On his death, Prof. Houghton left the bulk of his estate to the new Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences to establish the Henry Houghton Fund. Houghton Lectures are supported every year by the Fund.  

Outstanding scientists from around the world are invited to visit for periods ranging from a week to a semester. Typically, they have given short-courses ranging from 3 to 20 lectures on some topic of interest to students and faculty.  

Houghton Lecturer recommendations are welcome at all times. Contact Raf Ferrari with your suggestions.

Fall, 2015Trevor McDougallUniv. of New South Wales
Sum., 2015William RandelNCAR
Spr., 2015Arnold Gordon Lamont-Dorherty Earth Observatory
Fall. 2014Gabriel VecchiGeophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab
Spr., 2014Bjorn StevensMax Planck Inst.
Spr., 2013Joe LacasceUniversity of Oslo, Norway
Spr., 2012Leo KadanoffUniversity of Chicago
Fall, 2011Susan SolomonCIRES/ Univ. Colorado, Boulder
Fall, 2010 Lance BosartSUNY, Albany
Fall, 2010Tapio Schneider Caltech
Sum., 2010Marina LevyLOCEAN-IPSL, France
Spr., 2010 Peter BainesUniv. of Melbourne, Aus.
Spr., 2010Ken GoldenUniversity of Utah
Spr., 2009 David ArcherThe University of Chicago
Spr., 2007John WettlauferYale University
Spr., 2006Dale DurranUniversity of Washington
Spr., 2004 Chris GarrettUniversity of Victoria Lectures
Spr., 2004Cecile PenlandNOAA CIRES/CDC
Fall, 2003Tim PalmerECMWF
Fall, 2003Suki ManabeGFDL
Fall, 2002Nicolas GruberUCLA
Spr., 2002Thomas StockerBern, Switzerland
Spr., 2001Jay McCrearyIPRC/SOEST at U of Hawaii
Spr., 1999Francisco TablasAutonomy Univ. Spain
Spr., 1999Howard BluesteinUniv. of Oklahoma
Fall, 1999David BattistiU of Washington
Fall, 1999Andy MajdaCourant
Fall, 1998Richard GoodyHarvard
Fall, 1998William YoungScripps Inst.
Spr., 1998Claude FrankignoulLODYC, France
Fall 1997Richard GoodyHarvard
Spr., 1997David ThomsonBell Labs
Spr., 1996Robert HouzeU. of Washington
Fall, 1996Richard GoodyHarvard
Fall, 1995Richard GoodyHarvard