Helen Hill

Helen Hill
617 253 2454
Ph.D. Imperial College, London University, 1991
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Having spent many years working with John Marshall researching ocean convection and the role of eddies in ocean circulation, I now work full time on developing tools for communicating our science to the widest audience. At a time when putting a video of what you are doing or creating a compelling multi-media story about your work is not only the easiest it has ever been but also a critical piece of how we communicate what we do to the world at large, I am very excited to be able to help other scientists develop skills and material for sharing the important and interesting work that they do every day in Cambridge and beyond. Got news? Done some cool research? Discovered something exciting? Drop me a line and I will be happy to work with you to get it on line.

A selection of my current on line projects include:

I also do video interviews. Recent videos include "A Passion for Life on Ice" about glaciologist Alison Criscitiello (MIT-WHOI Joint Program). Look for others in the EAPS Tech TV collections.

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