Anita Ganesan

Anita Ganesan
+44 117 331 7042
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology,B.S. Cornell University
Bio and Interests

I am a Natural Environment Research Council Independent Fellow at the University of Bristol. I work on several areas of greenhouse gas emissions estimation. My main research areas are:
1. the measurement of potent greenhouse gases, with a focus in India and in the United Kingdom. In India, I currently manage an in situ measurement station in Darjeeling that has been measuring methane, nitrous oxide and sulfur hexafluoride since 2011. I also work on the UK's DECC network, a network of four tall tower sites around the UK, to infer emissions in high resolution. The DECC network is one of the first efforts by a country to quantify “top–down” emissions at the national scale.
2. in using novel inverse modeling strategies to “work backward” to quantify emissions of these gases using the data collected from surface stations, aircraft and satellite.
3. in elucidating the drivers of greenhouse gas variability in the atmosphere. I am interested in the influence of agriculture on methane and nitrous oxide emissions and much of my work in the upcoming years will be in understanding South Asia's emissions of these gases from rice paddies and fertilizers. I also am interested in understanding how observations such as isotopologes can be used in models for source attribution.
I completed my Ph.D in Atmospheric Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences under Prof. Ron Prinn.